LinkedIn is an excellent but often overlooked social media channel to connect with your audience and build brand awareness. To make the most of the LinkedIn, it’s important to be aware that now you can use paid and sponsored ads to reach your target audience with customized and relevant content.

LinkedIn Ad’s platform has evolved and is more targeted. In today’s competitive marketplace, if you’re responsible for bringing in sales and new revenue and you’re having difficulty reaching your target audience and have low lead to conversion rates, LinkedIn’s advertising features provide all the tools you need to run a more effective sales and lead generation campaign.

Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

The site’s most prominent marketing feature is the Campaign Manager, which allows you to create and schedule marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. It also provides a great way to reach your audience, monitor your marketing strategy, and gather useful data. Using the Campaign Manager, you can:

  • Target Your Audience: LinkedIn’s targeting feature allows you to narrow your advertisement’s audience by location, industry, company and size, job function and title, degrees, skills, and years experience. This makes it easier to make sure your ads are reaching the right audience. If you run a B2B company or have a relatively niche target audience, LinkedIn’s targeting feature is the best way to reach potential leads.
  • See Who Clicks On Your Ads: LinkedIn doesn’t reveal the identities of who clicked on your ads, but they’ll provide you useful demographics. You can see who clicked on your ads based on industry, company, company size, job function, job title, years experience, and location.
  • Track Conversion Rates: The conversion tracking tool allows you insight into the conversion rate of your ads, the view-through conversion, and the cost-per-conversion. This allows you to easily monitor the effectiveness of your LinkedIn campaigns.

LinkedIn provides several campaign options to suit your goals and budget. Using the site’s advertising tools, you can reach your audience through paid advertisements, sponsored content, and inbox advertising.

  • Paid Ads: allow you to create and post customized text and image ads suited to your target audience and budget. LinkedIn also allows marketers to write their own ads using dynamically generated images from member profiles.
  • Sponsored InMail: delivers your content directly to your audience’s LinkedIn inboxes, and because your content will only be delivered to active users, it’s an effective way to increase your conversion rates.
  • Sponsored Content: allows you to directly reach your target audience by ensuring your ads appear on their LinkedIn homepage, which means your audience is more likely to see and engage with your posts. You can make the most use of sponsored content by sharing company promotions, relevant articles, and engaging videos.

Each of the above offer benefits of their own, but if you’re a company that leads with education and thought leadership, you definitely want to invest some portions of your ad budget on sponsored content ads. As we help our B2B clients generate leads and build authority, we feel this new way of advertising on LinkedIn has a lot of potential and not many companies have started to embrace it yet.

So, as they say, lead by example. We guide our clients to always stay on the leading edge and push forward. If you’re interested in using LinkedIn ads to generate leads for your business, but don’t know where to start or if it’s the right tool for your business, our experts at Measure Marketing can help you. Let’s talk!