“Email isn’t dead.” This is a common misconception that Jay Schwedelson, the founder and CEO of Subjectline.com and Worldata Group, would like to finally put to rest. In fact, email has never been more active and engaging. It’s just always changing which means trends and strategies need to be monitored closely.

According to Schwedelson, people are relying more and more on collective opinions to support their decision-making processes. This is shown in email marketing through emails with primarily user-generated content (UGC) like reviews and testimonials. In B2B messaging, these emails have an increased click-through rate of 32% (according to information collected within the last 60 days).

This can also be seen in emails with subject lines that mention reviews and testimonials as their open rates in a B2B context are 22% higher.

Schwedelson wants you to remember, “Email marketing is the art of the possible.” There are simply too many options when it comes to formulating your emails so rather than attempting to do everything, prioritize your segmented campaigns (emails sent to individuals or select groups rather than your entire database) that are doing the best. Some examples of these high-performing campaigns include:

  1. New Subscriber Emails
  2. Abandoned Cart Emails
  3. Product View Emails
  4. Birthday/Celebration Emails

New subscriber emails are typically going to be the first ones a new customer or prospect would receive from your company. Schwedelson stresses the importance of making an impact with this email. It is not simply a confirmation. Ensuring that the first email is opened improves your chances of staying in that inbox by 85%.

You can accomplish this through a variety of different ways, but some of the most effective include subject lines that promise the offer of something more. For example, “Thank you! VIP Gift Inside!”

Rapid Fire Tips

  • A subject line with the word “TOMORROW” has a higher open rate than one with any named day of the week.
  • It is fine to include “FREE” or emojis in your subject lines. They are very effective when used correctly.
  • Ensure your re-direct links are quick. Anything longer than 3 seconds to load has a 37% chance abandon rate.
  • Don’t send emails on the hour. That’s when most other companies send theirs out. Instead, schedule your emails off the hour (ten minutes after) to stand out and above the crowd.

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