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Harness the Power of Email to Engage, Delight and Drive Growth

Why Email Marketing?

For a cost-effective strategy that offers personal engagement with customers and nurtures leads for optimal ROI, email marketing & nurturing is considered a staple in any organization’s go to market strategy.

Some of the primary advantages of email marketing to consider are:

Expansive Reach

With 91% of consumers actively using email, it’s a potent channel for direct customer engagement.

Improving Lead Conversion Rate

Deliver tailored email campaigns to your customers to build long-lasting relationships.

Measurable Achievement

Marketing agencies use tools and analytics track the success of campaigns to ensure your goals are always in sight. A/B testing provides strategic insight to direct campaigns toward success.

Maximum ROI

Email marketing stands out with its minimal costs and impressive conversion rates when compared to other tactics. For every $1 spent on email campaigns, companies earn $36 on average, which is higher than other marketing channels.

Our Approach

As a leading digital marketing agency, Measure Marketing uses a data-based methodology to deliver results to our clients consistently. Our email marketing campaigns incorporate the following strategies:


Segmentation involves categorizing your target audience based on specific criteria. Data defines audience segments by broad, shared characteristics such as location, interests, and consumer preferences. This critical process carried out by marketing experts ensures a proper understanding of the audience and its habits. It provides a foundation of knowledge to effectively personalize emails in the next step of our methodology.


Personalization leverages insights from segmentation and individual user interactions to tailor messages uniquely. For example, e-commerce sites could send an email to visitors highlighting the products they browsed but didn’t purchase. These emails are practical tools to provide a customized experience, build relationships, and close sales.


In today’s rapid digital landscape, automation is key for companies to stay nimble and maintain a continuous connection with their customers. Instead of wasting valuable time sending emails manually, automation instantly sends out messages based on customers’ most recent actions. Welcome emails, abandoned cart notifications, and birthday messages are examples of email automation that keep your brand on customers’ radars to raise your digital profile.

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Performance Analysis

Some Kind Words

“We’ve worked with Measure Marketing for a year now and we’ve seen our SEO improve dramatically, our new website visitors significantly increase, plus we’ve at least doubled if not tripled the leads we get from our website. The Measure Marketing team are a pleasure to work with, particularly Amber who has been our rep that handle our monthly report meetings. She explains all of the data metrics and helps us make better educated marketing decisions for our website and other areas. We have been very glad to have linked up with the Measure Marketing team to be the marketing department we always needed!”

- Lucy Woodhead (

Stay Updated

With the ever-evolving landscape of online platforms, it’s imperative for a digital marketing agency to stay abreast of the latest trends and integrate them into their strategies. In the realm of email marketing, the emphasis on trends leans towards enhancing user experience – a pivotal factor in nurturing leads and generating conversions.

Staying up to date with email marketing trends is crucial to: