Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a smart and cost-effective marketing strategy for bringing more shoppers and business buyers to your company. In the modern, digital age, marketing is about bringing the customer to you. Not the other way around. Nowadays, consumers are inundated with irrelevant or otherwise-unsuccessful content that makes it hard for them to stay focused. That’s where inbound marketing comes in.

Inbound marketing is a tactic used by successful marketers to create a systematic approach to generating leads. By creating and promoting high-quality content that is both engaging and relevant to web users, companies are shining a spotlight on themselves in a sea of noise.

Today, businesses face the difficult task of creating quality content that converts and attracts in a world of competition. We are here to help! Measure Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that serves businesses across Canada and the United States. Our process involves creating customized digital experiences for the businesses we support based on the unique features of their business and brand. This way, every company gets the individualized support it deserves and needs for increased growth and ROI.

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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

While both are types of marketing, they couldn’t be more different. We mentioned that inbound marketing is geared towards creating compelling content that attracts leads based on interest, but outbound marketing involves “cold calls” or interacting with a stranger and attempting to build their interest in your product or service. The outbound marketing process has less of a focus on building brand relationships with customers and customer retention can often fall because of it.

Brand Experience

A brand is everything to a company. Without proper branding, a business wouldn’t be recognizable and customer attraction and retention would suffer. Logos, fonts, and colours typically come to mind when branding is pictured but creating a brand experience involves much more. Your brand experience is the “ecosystem” of your business. This not only lends itself to customer attraction but to customer retention as well.

Inbound Sales

The sales process for this tactic involves meeting the potential customer where they are in the buyer’s journey and providing what is needed to move them towards the end of the sales cycle. Keep in mind, the goal is to provide support and information, not to push the potential customer to complete the sale as fast as possible. By doing so, you allow the customer to move at their own pace through the cycle and encourage them to return and become an advocate for your brand.

Inbound & LeadGen Strategy

Lead generation, or LeadGen, is a large part of a successful inbound marketing strategy. Relevant and compelling content throughout all your channels is key as this attracts leads, engages them, and brings them to you. By building up your brand recognition through content, you increase your demand generation and generate interest in your brand.

Lead Management

When using the inbound marketing strategy, quality lead management is strictly necessary. Measure Marketing is a HubSpot Solutions partner, and our team utilizes the platform for excellent lead tracking and management. With HubSpot inbound marketing tools you can track, target, and rank leads with speed and accuracy.

Segmentation & Targeting

How do you get the amount of leads your business needs? By separating your audience into key focus groups and pinpointing the key decision makers of those groups, you will be able to influence the masses. This involves highly targeted marketing that allows you to customize your approach to the targeted lead for a more individualized approach with a higher success rate.

Analytics & Growth Consulting Inbound Marketing Agency

Measure Marketing, based in Toronto, is an established inbound marketing agency that is serving businesses across North America and has been for over a decade. Our team consists of diverse individuals who have honed their marketing knowledge to focus on the importance of treating each business as a unique persona with its own branding personality. Speak with one of our experts today and begin your marketing journey.

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