Technological innovation has been integral to bettering our marketing strategies for decades now and with artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more and more advanced, it’s important to integrate with it now to avoid falling into obscurity later. Dale Bertrand, the President of Fire&Spark, sat down with an audience of viewers at INBOUND 2022 to discuss how he sees AI as a way to transform marketing in the future.

Automation Vs. AI

According to Bertrand, many marketers are already using automation tools to help streamline their processes, but AI’s effectiveness will spread far beyond automation. For example, automation tools for email campaigns can schedule messaging, create templates, personalize messaging, and more, but only with the information you have already taken the time to enter. While this can be timesaving in the long run, AI would be able to complete the tasks above without input and with better results.  While automation is smart, AI is creative. This means not only will you have a campaign of emails at the ready in no time, but each email can be custom written by the AI to create an individualized experience for each contact in your database.

AI Today

Many people don’t realize how integral AI already is in the modern day but think of Siri, Alexa, or even your curated feed of recommendations on Netflix. AI is already a part of our personal lives and Bertrand believes it’s only a matter of time before it is fully integrated into our professional lives as well. AI tools like HyperWrite and are available currently and more tools are certainly on the way.

Embracing AI

Often, when the topic of AI is brought up, many people fear for their jobs. It is a common concern that Bertrand is familiar with, but one that he does not see as realistic (provided you accept AI rather than avoid it). AI will be integrated into the tools and technologies that marketers use. Much like how automation didn’t replace the need for marketers, neither will AI. However, failure to adapt to and take advantage of AI could result in some marketers lacking the necessary knowledge to create successful campaigns in the modern day. (

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