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INBOUND 2022: The Future of AI in Marketing

Technological innovation has been integral to bettering our marketing strategies for decades now and with artificial intelligence (AI) becoming more and more advanced, it’s important to integrate with it now to avoid falling into obscurity later. Dale Bertrand, the President of Fire&Spark, sat down with an audience of viewers at INBOUND 2022 to discuss how he sees AI as a way to transform marketing in the future. Automation Vs. AI According to Bertrand, many marketers are already using automation tools

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4-Step Approach to Embracing Marketing Technology

An Integrated 4-Step Approach to Embracing Marketing Technology

Marketing technology, or MarTech, is a suite of tools that you can use to enhance your business by streamlining certain tasks and procedures. This is integral to most businesses big and small as it frees up your time to focus less on data collection and more on creating a unified approach to customers touchpoints across all platforms and channels. It helps you understand your customer journey. Rather than simply gathering leads and promoting sales, you and your team can start

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