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What is pay per click and how does It work?

Pay-per-click or PPC is one of the most popular ways to boost your web traffic. It is a type of paid advertising where an ad directing customers to your website appears on a search engine’s results page when they search for specific keywords or phrases.

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PPC services that help you
stand out

Visibility is one of the key factors to any successful business. It creates more opportunities to generate leads and create a sale. Through PPC management, we get your website – and your business – in front of the right audience.

Display Ads

Lets us deliver targeted image-based ads on external websites, including social media platforms. You can reach and connect with customers by exploring ad networks like Google Display Network.

Search Ads

The most common type of PPC. These are the text ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Social Ads

These are ads you see on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This paid advertising lets you show up on the social feed of a targeted audience.

Remarketing Ads

These ads target those who have previously engaged with your business in some way online. This can be done by collecting cookies and using that data to create ads for these customers.

Google Shopping Ads

These are product-based ads that appear on Google or Google Shopping. They are great, especially for E-commerce sites.

Minimum costs, maximum profits with these PPC advertising platforms

Measure Marketing is the best PPC agency that can bring your business in front of your target audience. We don’t just come up with the right strategy for your company. We also monitor, manage, and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Part of creating the right strategy is knowing where the best platform is to invest in pay-per-click marketing. We consider the available keyword terms, website traffic, and your marketing budget.

For successful search engine marketing (SEM), here are some popular platforms:

Google Ads


Microsoft Ads


Facebook Ads


YouTube Ads


Instagram Ads


Why google ads?

It is no secret that Google is the top-ranking search engine in the world. It has over 90% of the search market share worldwide, across all platforms. Google also has over 8.5 billion searches per day. This provides a potential for higher click-through rates, thus high-converting Google ads campaigns. 

More than higher conversions are the way you have more control over costs and measure your success. With the help of Google ads experts like Measure Marketing, managing your campaign will be a breeze.

Convert leads with google ads management

Increase sales and generate more leads with our 5-step approach

Bid Management and ROI Tracking

Continuous Management and Analysis

At Measure Marketing, we begin by collaborating with you on your marketing goals. We also research your competitors and create the best strategy to reach your target audience. With this knowledge, we begin pay-per-click marketing that involves Data monitoring to gain insights, Manage Ad bids, and Monitoring and tracking.

We use this information to optimize our strategies, whether for B2B Google ads campaigns, local services ads, and more. We go through this cycle of analyzing data, experimenting, and optimizing. This is for you to get closer to your goal and get the highest ROAS or return on your ad spend!

A PPC agency that
delivers positive results

Want to make the most out of your online advertising budget? Don’t do it alone. Pay-per-click in Toronto ensures each dollar invested is used to benefit the growth of your business.

Attract potential customers and bring them into contact with your products or services! Let an experienced Google ads agency in Toronto deliver results for your business. Contact Measure Marketing today to learn more and get a free consultation.