INBOUND 2022: Using Smart Content from HubSpot to Individualize Your Email Campaigns


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HubSpot offers a wide variety of tools through their CRM, some of which you may not even realize. Mike K. Tatum, the Director of Lifecycle Marketing at Athletic Greens, sat down at INBOUND 2022 to educate his audience on the benefits of smart content, a tool offered by HubSpot.

With smart content, users can offer heightened levels of personalization to their email campaigns and landing pages. This differs from a simple personalization token (adding a first name or company name in your emails) as your options for creating individualized experiences are more numerous and varied.

Bringing Personalization to Life

  • Onboarding Emails

You can automate onboarding emails built custom to an individual to ensure that they complete any necessary tasks. A perfect example would be an email that populates a taskbar. It could show 75% complete and have a list of accomplishments in grey and highlighted tasks that still need attention. This correlates specifically with the individual, offers a CTA, and makes them more likely to act.

  • Product Recommendations

You can create smart module lists based on the products your customers have either viewed or purchased in the past and use that to recommend other products they may be interested in. This can also be used for content. For example, if a prospect has shown interest in a particular blog post, you can send a smart content-filled email that links them to other content on your site with similar topics or products/services that overlap with that topic.

  • Celebrating Moments or Interactions

Creating individualized messages by acknowledging and celebrating moments or interactions is a great way to build your relationship with customers. These could be birthday celebrations, acknowledging yearly anniversaries since joining a service, and more!

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