INBOUND 2022: Navigate Your Marketing Around Search and Social Algorithms


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We’ve all experienced algorithm changes at some point. While the organic reach for content continues to drop, what can we as marketers and content creators do to be visible? The concept Neil Patel, the CMO of NP Digital, shared was something I resonate with as a long-standing digital marketer and observer of trends. We all love algorithms, but what you don’t love about them is the lack of transparency that each algorithm change brings with it.

My takeaway from Patels presentation was to understand the algorithm and take advantage of it. This happens when you have the capacity and mindset to take risks and dig deeper into data. Analysis of your posts can reveal how the algorithm works.

We all know social signals play an important role in building a search engine optimization approach so why don’t we do it well so that our SEO strategy can not only be successful but also get a boost

So, how do you leverage the algorithms and be successful in doing that? Patel summarized this by way of a formula (of course we all love Neil Patel’s formulas be it the content marketing formula to the advanced SEO formula to engineering virality). So, what’s the success formula?


Success = Algorithm Signals x (Learnings + What People Can’t Ignore)

What Are Algorithm Signals?

It is what platforms are already sharing with us. Be it Google’s ranking factors, Instagram’s algorithm of post frequency to the format of the post, or YouTube’s recommended videos. There are also Facebook and LinkedIn’s algorithm of more comments equalling more chances of higher reach of the post in your connections feed. TikTok is another platform that can’t be ignored as the sheer likes, shares, and comments posted on the videos are growing. Video content is also becoming increasingly effective on LinkedIn and the algorithm boosts those that get high numbers of comments.

Test and analyze to find relevant signals that perhaps your competitor hasn’t yet figured out.


The next step in the formula is Learning. This is important for continuing to evolve. As a marketer, you can learn from your actions. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which tactics in backlinks creation help your search rankings the fastest?
  • What offers and content help your traffic convert better and encourage your SEO?
  • What’s the demographic you target?

Learnings are all these little data sets that we must monitor, analyze, and take advantage of in our future marketing.

What People Can’t Ignore

Getting noticed is becoming relevant enough that people can’t ignore you. A brand can’t be ignored, so investing in brand building is so important for search and social platforms as they give prominence to brands.

A perfect example is:

In the United States, there are 6x as many searches for the brand Nike as there are for the term shoes. Nike has created a brand that outshines the need for essential terms and has essentially replaced that term with its brand.

Invest in building your brand by getting better and talking about it with authority. In a nutshell, hacking the algorithm is simple when you get engagement quickly on your social content, create more videos as all platforms are giving it prominence, and most importantly, observe what your audience likes and serve them more!

We love to know your thoughts on INBOUND so far, so engage with us on our socials (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook) and continue the conversation! Or if you’re eager to learn more, stay tuned for our next report from INBOUND!

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