LEAD GENERATION for law firms

Lead generation for lawyers

Lead generation for lawyers is the practice of identifying and attracting potential clients and turning them into people with vested interest in your firm. More than attracting a pool of potential customers, lead generation for lawyers attracts quality leads – the ones that have the highest probability of successful partnerships. Measure Marketing provides a comprehensive marketing plan that ensures lead generation for lawyers produce meaningful results. We will get to know your company and identify key details that will help us create a campaign that will guarantee a rise in clients and revenue. We provide assistance in streamlining your firm’s various digital platforms to guarantee lead generation for lawyers result in more web traffic your way, starting with Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.
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Pay Per Click or PPC for Law Firms

One immediate way of lead generation for lawyers is through PPC for your law firm. PPC for a law firm makes sure that your pages and ads reach your target audience at the right time, providing increased lead generation for lawyers with high conversion rates.

With Measure Marketing as your partner strategists for PPC for law firm, we aim to:

  • Boost brand awareness for your firm through creating significant and well-targeted paid search options and paid ads.
  • Create campaigns aimed at increased conversions based on your company’s needs and goals. We seek to understand your business requirements as well as a better view of your target audience. This enables us to determine the right platforms to launch paid campaigns.
  • Immediate PPC for law firms get results through in-depth data collection and analysis of ongoing pay per click initiatives.
  • Generate a steady flow of web traffic with meaningful leads on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Our team is committed to evaluate your PPC for your law firm and set up a bulletproof strategy that will bring in consistent business revenue.

Moreover, our PPC strategists will continuously monitor and manage your PPC for law firm campaigns to ensure that we optimize your ad spend.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Law Firms

Studies show that 76% of clients used online resources to find legal counsel, which makes it crucial for lawyers in the US to engage in SEO for their law firm. Search Engine Optimization allows your website and other digital platforms to be first in rank on various search engines, allowing successful lead generation for lawyers.

Measure Marketing, being a prime SEO strategist, is an expert at creating SEO for law firm campaigns that are aimed at ensuring your target audience can easily find you online. Our experienced team understands the different key factors that contribute to keeping you on top of web searches, such as tags, keywords and an optimized on-page SEO for law firm.

Our systematized SEO process for law firms involves:

  • Identifying your firm’s market targets so we can come up with SEO for law firm campaigns specific to your needs
  • In-depth research of the legal industry for better understanding of your local clients and competitors
  • Cultivate keyword listings as well as web page content enhancement based on your firm’s niche that will allow for more augmented SEO for law firm initiatives
  • On-page SEO for law firm review to ensure your web content is geared towards prime optimization

As your partner for your SEO campaign for your law firm, we will take the reins in ensuring more web traffic that maximizes lead generation for lawyers. 

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Your Leading PPC for Law Firms and SEO for Law Firms Partner

For a lot of small and mid-sized enterprises in the US, building one’s audience and drawing customers in has always been an exciting marketing challenge. Identifying the correct marketing tools for lead generation for lawyers is crucial to setting yourself apart from the competition.

With Measure Marketing working with you in lead generation for lawyers, we can ensure that your firm will be on top of the ranks in the legal industry.