B2B Manufacturing

Boosting Lead Generation for a B2B Manufacturing Company Through Advanced Marketing Techniques


In the early 1980s, a pioneer introduced high pressure – low flow jetting to America and later founded a company that now serves over 40 countries.







Measure Marketing was brought in by B2B manufacturer to empower their family-run business to grow and scale at an accelerated pace. They faced several challenges, including an overall website design and navigation that lacked branding and accessibility, making it unappealing to consumers and resulting in low page engagement time.

To address these issues, we optimized the entire website and navigation, transforming it into an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly platform. Not only these challenges were faced, but also encountered a range of technical issues, which included:

Goals & Objectives

Gain a lion’s share of the market quickly

Increase quality web traffic

Generate more leads from the retail market in the US

Establish a dealer network

Improve keyword rankings and visibility growth on Google. Content to impact visibility online and increase engagement

Increase traffic to the website Increase leads month over month - Generate 20 + leads/month

Key points

After understanding their goals, defining their needs, and learning about their ideal customers, an in-depth discovery process was formed to truly understand their customers, their behaviors, and their needs. We then performed a detailed competitive analysis on keyword research for organic search placement, organic searches, and where they currently rank.

Crafting a User-Friendly Experience: Tailoring the Buyer's Journey for Diverse Personas

Built a strong SEO foundation



Calls Generated


Forms Filled


Website Visits Per Day


Referring Domains


Backlinks Count


Keywords Ranked Top 3


Keywords Ranking in The US


Target Audience Research

Analyzed our consumer personas to create our target audience in order to gain understanding to what, how and why they are searching for a product.

Content Strategy

We designed the content to fulfill user needs and was purely focused on the topic and not on keywords.

Keyword Research

Research around long tail keywords + user needs and not only focusing on high search volume ones.

Schema Optimization

Added a relevant schema such as organization, FAQs, blogs, and more.

Our Case Studies

Celco Inc.

Dragon Taekwondo

3 Sixty Sign Solutions


Some Kind Words

“We’ve worked with Measure Marketing for a year now and we’ve seen our SEO improve dramatically, our new website visitors significantly increase, plus we’ve at least doubled if not tripled the leads we get from our website. The Measure Marketing team are a pleasure to work with, particularly Amber who has been our rep that handle our monthly report meetings. She explains all of the data metrics and helps us make better educated marketing decisions for our website and other areas. We have been very glad to have linked up with the Measure Marketing team to be the marketing department we always needed!”

- Lucy Woodhead