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Top 4 ADDITIONAL Free Tools For Keyword Research


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Digital Marketing offers a lot of avenues for us to explore and act upon. With a constant evolution of search behaviors among users and end consumers, it becomes imperative for marketers and business owners to revisit how they’re targeting and reaching their customers.

The big question we are always asking on behalf of our customers is, are they reaching the right people at the right time?

This change is partially due to the amount of information available and on the number of devices it is available on.

Hence, there is a greater need to understand your customer’s thinking and making your digital marketing seamless by actively utilizing tools that give you consumer search behaviour data and what you’re looking for. In terms of digital marketing, this is known as keyword research.

We’ve updated one of our older blogs that we had written a few years back with the latest tools that our agency relies on. We want to bring more value to our customers by helping them reach the right type of customers through search engine optimization and show up for intent and transaction-based searches.

We hope you enjoy the updated read and utilize these tools for your keyword research, search engine optimization efforts, and generating qualified, highly conversion-oriented leads through online marketing.

Google Search Console

One of the most under-utilized gems for Keyword Research lately is Google Search Console or GSC. It is widely accessible to anyone at no cost, GSC tracks website performance, sets up alerts for any site issues, builds ideas for optimizing content, and eventually helps you get a strong ranking on google.

Some notable features of Google Search Console:

  1. Shows technical data/ errors around website SEO; mobile-friendliness, site speed, etc.
  2. Directly upload sitemaps for Google to crawl.
  3. Visibility of indexed pages on the website, pages that bring value.
  4. Clear data to help show who is linking to your website.
  5. Client friendly; helpful in understanding keyword metrics and overall metrics and graphs in overview sections.

So, I often get asked: are Google Analytics and Google Search Console the same?

You can link Google analytics to GSC and as much as it may appear these 2 interfaces give you the same information, that’s not true. Google Analytics is more about who is visiting your site, how they are responding to your site content, how much time are they spending, and where are they coming from. Whereas Google search console is aimed to provide you information on which keyword your site is showing up for in search results, what errors Google may be experiencing indexing your site etc. They are two distinct tools that can help further your targeting efforts and help you find search terms that can convert better when you optimize and rank for.

Want to know how to setup Google Search Console? Here’s a beginner’s guide on How to Use Google Search Console to Improve SEO

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Like a keyword search engine, Ubersuggest allows you to submit a URL and see data about any site and or data around any specific keyword. It is wonderfully easy to access. Better yet, the information is just as accurate as some of the paid SEO tools out there, and unlike some of those paid tools, Ubersuggest is simple to grasp. For a new business owner or anyone really looking to boost their SEO game, we highly recommend it. Even if you are working with an agency, and you want to provide them additional insights, this tool can better prepare you to get the most out of your search efforts. They have a paid and a free version and for a single website, the free version offers just enough.

Some notable features of Ubersuggest:

  1. Search Engine like interaction; ease of access
  2. Simple UI showing the most important information about keywords and searches.
  3. Frequent blurbs that give an understanding of a searched term on a macro level.
  4. Suggestions based on your search term in the form of questions, prepositions, and even comparisons.

AdWords Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most widely used keyword research tools.  It is known to be one of the best platforms to begin keyword research. Why? Google Keyword Planner is linked with Google AdWords.

Some notable features of Keyword Planner:

  1. Directly search for Keywords along with Ad groups.
  2. Local SEO Positive; allows for specific geographical keyword searches
  3. The filter option allows you to extract more specific keywords
  4. Allows you the option of adding negative keywords to avoid unwanted keywords
  5. You can view monthly search volume along with the suggested bid
  6. Gives out the most relative keywords automatically

Google Trends

Trends is a tool that has been around for a while and is quite frankly, under-utilized in the world of SEO. Being a google platform, Trends can generate a plethora of geo-based keyword information that can be filtered for any period. The best of all, this data is quite simple to understand. It’s a great tool to supplement any keyword research. Above all, it lets you compare keywords and present it in any format.

Some notable features of Trends:

  1. Helps in learning current popular search topics filtered by area or worldwide
  2. Filter searches based on platforms and areas of interest, YouTube, images, technology, and science, etc.
  3. Compare keywords against the same search specifications to stimulate idea generation
  4. Easy to find content for backlinking, simple categorizing.

Keyword Tool Dominator

KTD has all your usual google and Bing searches for keyword analysis, but the reason it made this list is because it has a very unorthodox list of search engines it can derive data from like eBay, Etsy and Walmart. Although each tool for each engine are separate entities requiring their own platform to operate on, we believe that these types of niche tools will help you get the edge over your competitors.

Some notable features of KTD:

  1. Wildcard Search lets you weed out valuable longtail keywords.
  2. Chrome extension allows for ease of access
  3. Keyword ranking system is seamless across all platform tools to keep keyword network seamless
  4. Distinct keyword information based on the type of platforms.

We hope you find these tools a great addition for your SEO and Paid Ads Campaign planning and strategic thinking. Don’t have a robust plan and your website doesn’t generate leads for you? Then call us now and talk to a specialist. We’d be happy to help!

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