It’s an old cliche: if you can measure it, you can manage it. 

As a business owner, marketing professional, or entrepreneur, do you know how well your online marketing expenditure works for you? You probably can’t afford for such an important part of your budget to be neglected. You need online marketing techniques that are proven to get results and boost your ROI.
Analytics provide direct insight into the effectiveness of your website, and what your customers are saying about your business and the products or services you provide. The data from web analytics empowers you to see what’s working, and decide where you can make improvements. There are several tools available in the marketplace to measure online data, and Google Analytics is the most popular option.
Google Analytics is free to use, but it requires experienced digital marketing professionals to maximize its features and to properly analyze the data provided about your website. The data captured from Google Analytics allows businesses to make smarter decisions. You can use web analytics to measure sales, conversions, page views, and tailor your website’s content to ensure it appeals to visitors and attracts your ideal customers.
Think of website analytics as the study of online behavior. When you understand how people use your website, you can discover the features of your website that your customers find engaging, and what features need to be changed. For instance, website analytics will tell you where your visitors are clicking away from your site, and you can use that information to make those areas of your site more engaging. The data will show how your website content impacts your business goals if it appeals to your customer’s needs.

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Geographic location of visitors

Where traffic is being referred from

Click analytics

Total number of web page visits & unique visitors

What You Can Do With Google Analytics Data

  • View ROI for your online campaigns
  • Demonstrate how your website meets user needs
  • Set up alerts to notify you when significant events occur
  • Create powerful segmentation and filtering capabilities
  • Determine what people are searching for once they are on your site
  • Uncover top content
  • Determine where people abandon the shopping cart
  • Find out what keywords people are using to find your site
  • Assess your SEO strategy View which signup form converts better (sidebar, below the post, about page)
  • Conduct URL Campaign Tracking
  • Identify traffic coming to your site and what that traffic does on your site
Measure Marketing is proud to be a Google Partner. Our online marketing agents are certified in Google Analytics, one of the most advanced web analytics tools available. We often use paid advertising strategies to generate leads for our clients as part of their digital marketing strategy. Our services list includes:

Installation & Configuration


Support & Troubleshooting

Data Analysis

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight into your business! This information is ready and waiting for you. Book an appointment at our internet marketing agency to speak to one of our Google Analytics certified specialists.

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