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How You Can Use ABX to Catch Big Leads Hook, Line, and Sinker


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ABX to Catch Big Leads Hook, Line, and Sinker

ABM (Account-Based Marketing) has been the go-to for successful marketers for years, but there’s a new kid on the block: Account-Based Experience (ABX). This takes the sales and marketing cohesion from ABM and adds customer experience to the formula. The ultimate goal is to incorporate personalization into your marketing strategies based on individual leads.

ABX in its simplest form is the alignment between marketing, sales, and your customer success or customer service functions,

Conor Coughlan

An excellent representation of the key differences between these two types of marketing processes would be to think of ABM as a sales funnel and ABX as a marketing flywheel.

Funnel Graphic

As you can see, when the funnel is used, the customer passes through and has nowhere to go unless you can retarget them and pass them through the entire funnel again.

However, the flywheel is self-propelled. Each phase of the buyer’s journey flows into the next in an endless loop, resulting in more leads, retention, and advocates.

Why did ABX start?

Potential customers are becoming more and more familiar with digital marketing every day and many of them don’t enjoy it. ABM is a great way for marketers to target specific people, as opposed to inundating your sales team with irrelevant leads, bitcoin mixers but how does it feel from the customer’s perspective?

According to this article from Outfunnel, Demand generation is like fishing with a net. You run your campaign without caring which specific person or company gets picked up. On the other hand, the ABM strategy is more like fishing with a spear, where you identify the big fish and go after them proactively.

But there’s a problem with this it doesn’t feel good to get poked by a spear.

ABX is a solution to this problem. By focusing on creating a positive experience for the potential customer, you better your chances of not just closing the sale but turning them into an advocate for your business as well.

ABX in Action

A major factor in adding ABX to your marketing strategy is by implementing proper Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Platforms like HubSpot offer many CRM tools to help streamline the processes of bringing delight to your customers through things like email marketing and social media.

By focusing on CRM, you create a direct path to your potential customers that doesn’t feel invasive or overbearing. This is ABX at work.

Be sure to read our blog on CRMs to learn more.

Is ABM over?

ABX is less of a replacement for ABM and more of an evolution. ABM techniques have proven fruitful for years but as times change, marketing strategies need to change too.

At Measure Marketing, were dedicated to providing our clients with cutting-edge strategies and MarTech to ensure they always get the results they need. Do you want to implement ABX into your marketing strategies? Let’s talk about it.

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