Does Your Law Firm Website Convert?


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Gone are the days when law firms and solo practice attorneys primarily advertised their profession through referrals and word of mouth. As more people rely on online search results when looking for products and services they need, you must step up your digital marketing strategies to stay afloat. One of the most important things you should establish is a professionally designed website that acts as your firm’s sales representative.

Your law firm website design needs to be organized, professional-looking, eye-catching. It should complement your brand image and services. Your official site needs to be consistently user-friendly on various screen sizes, browsers, and devices. More importantly, your website should be built to convert prospects into paying clients. Here are a couple of law firm website conversion ideas that can help your law firm thrive.

Clearly Showcase Your Unique Value Propositions

When someone checks your website, you only have a few seconds to grab their interest through a compelling headline and landing page. Therefore, you must highlight your area of specialty in law or other assets that make your law firm different and superior to others. For example, if you’re a divorce lawyer, display a catchphrase and complementary imagery on your banner that says, divorce may cloud your judgment but not ours. By focusing on your unique selling proposition, you immediately get your potential clients attention and encourage them to keep scrolling or clicking through different areas of the site to learn more about your credentials and experiences.

The right web design agency in Toronto will conduct A/B testing on your headline to identify and measure its effectivity. In doing so, they can make necessary changes when possible, so your law firm can have greatly benefit from a well-designed website.

Simple Yet Effective CTA

Your call-to-action must entice prospects to visit your office and get your services. One way to do this is to offer visitors that have viewed your website several times a 50% discount on their first consultation. This is a win-win situation because they can finally get professional answers to their problems for half the price, and you can show off your expertise and demonstrate your credibility as their lawyer. Some clients send lots of detailed inquiries through email in an attempt to get a free consultation and to test whether you’re really knowledgeable of specific topics under the law. You need to understand their need to validate whether your services are worth their time, effort, and money. But at the same time, you also need to keep your business running by earning. Therefore, by providing a huge discount on their first visit, you’re meeting your potential clients halfway.

This is just a basic promotional strategy that you can incorporate on your website. When choosing a web design company in Toronto to help you out, you also need to consider their expertise in developing marketing strategies, tactics, and plans for your specific niche.

Other Creative Ways to Use CTA

Besides your main page and banners, it’s also smart to incorporate CTAs within blog posts. You need to understand that not all your web visitors are ready to become clients. Most of them are still gathering information and researching how their problems can be legally addressed. This is called the consideration stage. Despite not being fully ready to be your clients, you still shouldn’t completely give up on them. This is achieved by sprinkling different types of call-to-action on your website.

Let them follow you on social media by displaying your icons and links at the bottom of every page. You can also encourage visitors to comment on your blog posts so that other readers can view and respond to these as well. You can even.

Choose Your Top Practice Areas

The law covers a vast number of topics. As a lawyer, you can be adept in multiple branches and subbranches under the law. That can be your unique selling proposition as well, being a brilliant and extremely talented attorney in all areas of the law. But if you know deep down that there are certain areas that you shine at and are really your specialty, then it is a must that you make your keep pages stand out in the navigation section. Ideally, you can choose your firm’s top three practice areas and set up separate navigation tabs for each. Criminal law, commercial law, labor law, political law, remedial law, and taxation law are just some of the specialties you can cover. Of course, you can also add more specialties if you want to.

Have Live Chat Services

Although your main goal is to bring clients to your office or encourage them to book an online consultation because of the pandemic, you still need to incorporate live chat on your website to cater to their simple queries that need to be answered right away. This small yet handy feature can effectively boost your customer service and elevate your brand image.

Optimize Your Most Popular Pages

Once your website has been set up and several pages and blog articles have been posted, you can check out which has the most traffic. In doing so, you can have a better idea of what matters most to your target market, and this can help you produce more content that expounds on the topic or are under the same umbrella. More importantly, it would be best if you made sure that these are properly optimized through SEO so that even more people can see them.

Showcase Your Accolades

Beautifully display a list of your biggest clients and some landmark cases that you have handled. As leads see your accomplishments as a lawyer or your firm’s collective achievements, these heavily influence their decision-making process. Thus, increasing the chances that they choose to get your legal services.

Here at Measure Marketing, we can take care of all the ins and outs when it comes to your website. We take pride in having an award-winning web development and design team. Thanks to our customer-centric approach, your law firm’s website can surely grow your leads and conversions and elevate your brand image. Are you ready to take your law firm to a different level of success? Reach out to us today to claim your free consultation. You surely won’t regret it!

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