Summertime is all about adventure. Whether you’re vacationing in a different country or exploring your backyard, now is the time to get out there. But what about the digital landscape?

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, which means owners and operators of businesses both large and small need to stay familiar with their virtual environment.

Welcome to digital summer

It’s time to take that summer spirit for adventure and apply it to your marketing techniques. Follow along with this blog series as we delve into creating websites that convert, selecting CRM platforms, and more!

Get Your Marketing “Beach Body” Ready

No two beach bodies are the same, just as no two marketing strategies are the same. It’s important to tailor your strategies to your ideal customer so your marketing is customized to your business.

Think of choosing a CRM platform as selecting the right gym. Do they offer the tools or services that you need to get the results you desire? Is the equipment modern and intuitive?​

Your content is your outfit. Do you want to be flashy and comedic by incorporating humor or high energy into your content? Maybe you’d rather be perceived as straightforward and professional.​

However, you choose to present yourself, ensure that your content converts. Flooding your content with irrelevant keywords to try and get more engagement is like wearing a woolly sweater to the beach to try and get more tan. Use relevant, high-performing keywords throughout your copy in a way that feels natural to your readers.

Gather What You Need

Starting a marketing campaign without the right tools is like showing up at the beach without towels, sunscreen, or anything else you may need to have a fun time. Be sure to prepare yourself with tools like:​​

  • CRM platforms to improve your customers’ experience.​
  • ABM platforms that can be used to target qualified leads effectively.​
  • Social media schedulers for creating engaging posts that are always sent out at peak times.​
  • Quality CTAs to promote engagement and draw leads.​
  • And new content to reignite interest and engagement in your brand.​

Collect Leads

Here you can gather leads as easily as you would seashells! Be sure to incorporate lead qualification strategies into your marketing plan. Just as not all seashells should be picked up and taken home (some may be damaged, dirty, or occupied), you want to ensure the leads you’re targeting are suitable for your business. It’s important to make sure that you’re attracting leads that can become customers through proper marketing and care.

Lead scoring is a strategy that involves assigning a number value to each of your leads based on the actions and engagement they have, with Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) having lower scores and Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) being higher.

As your MQLs become more engaged with your brand, their number will rise, and eventually, they will cross the threshold and become SQLs.

This is a helpful strategy in making sure that you advertise only relevant products or information to the correct parties. You can always learn more about lead scoring by reading our blog.

Build a Website That Converts

enjoying summer at beach

Here, building a website that converts is as easy as building a sandcastle. Website building has many facets and it’s important to pay attention to the details while you create a site that is going to attract strangers and convert them into customers.

Some key factors to incorporate into your site design strategies include:​

E-commerce: If you are planning to sell products on your website, using a high-quality e-commerce platform is integral to ensuring your customers will be able to make purchases easily and intuitively.​

Content Management: A steady stream of high-performing and relevant content will increase your site’s SEO and make you more easily findable to potential customers.​

High-Quality UX/UI Design: Making your site appealing and easy to use is key in holding the attention of your prospects. If your site appears outdated or poorly designed, people will immediately click away, and your bounce rate will skyrocket. Be sure to check out our blog for tips on how to make your site more effective.

End of Day One

The sun has set on day one of our vacation at the Qualified-Leads Lagoon, but we’ve got two more days of summer fun and marketing knowledge on the horizon!