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Your Yearly Plan to Success


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2016 flew by and now that we are in 2017, who realized that we are half way through the second month already. We at Measure Marketing are encouraging our clients to look back on the last 12 months and celebrate things that went well, reflect on those that didn’t, and set goals for this year. Whether you want to add a new social media platform to your digital marketing plan, launch a new product or work on your website SEO – it is high time to set those plans in motion. We know for sure that almost every company wants to experience growth in 2017!

internet marketing 2017

Waiting until too long into the New Year to build your plans for success often means you will start off already feeling behind! Measure Marketing continually works on building strong systems that not only help our digital marketing company grow but also allow us to easily adjust and realign to focus on the goals we set. And of course we wanted to share this wisdom with our clients and readers, so keep reading to find out what is working for us!

Important Practices to Manage and Encourage Business Growth

Know Your Numbers

This may seem like a broad statement but the reality is, the idea of knowing your numbers is a broad category! We’re not just talking about your bottom line but you need to know every single number that relates to your business and what it means.

  • What are your monthly website page views?
  • What are your monthly sales?
  • What percentage of your sales occur online vs. in store?
  • What marketing tool drives the highest number of conversions?

Those are just some examples of numbers that every business owner needs to know, and know well. How can you know where to move or what to do next if you don’t know where you are? Build a system that provides transparency and easy access to all your numbers. (

Don’t Forget to Promote Yourself and Your Brand

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, your business can’t grow if people don’t know about you! It can be hard to determine what marketing and branding tools will work for your business but this is where social media and an integrated marketing plan come into play. There are so many platforms for businesses to use to increase awareness – if you aren’t taking advantage of these impactful tools, get started! Working with a digital marketing company can help you build a system that will continually put your brand in front of your customers.

Content Audit

We’ve mentioned that you need to know your numbers when it comes to your content and marketing efforts. But what do you do with those numbers? Businesses need to know what blog content is engaging customers, what your most read content was and what fell completely flat. Great content can be recycled and reused in the coming year and you can tweak other content to work harder.

Knowing what worked for you will help you build your content calendar for the upcoming year. Content curation should be part of all business marketing plans in 2017.

Know Your Ideal Client

Are you sure you are marketing to your ideal clients? How do you know? When was the last time you took stock of what your dream client profile was? Your marketing efforts may be ineffective for your goals if you aren’t attracting who you thought. Regularly evaluating client profiles and understanding what makes them tick is a necessary step to achieving business success.

Hire the Right People

Many people worry too much about finding people to hire with the exact skill set you are looking for. Forget about it! Finding someone to fit the company culture and who has the right personality for the job is the bigger key for hiring success. Skills can be taught but personalities can never be changed. Ensure that your current hiring system produces the right kind of hires.

So, how many practices that we’ve outlined above does your company have in place? As we are over a month into the New Year, maybe it is time to reflect, make changes and get set up for your best year yet.

When things aren’t working anymore, it’s time for change. Just because you’ve always done something or done it a certain way doesn’t mean it is always going to be beneficial to your business. Trends will change, the economy will change, your businesses offerings will change – you have to change your systems too or face being left behind.

Measure Marketing is looking forward to a successful 2017 as we continue to welcome new clients and deepen relationships with our existing clients. Knowing and implementing strong practices to help our business grow allows us to assist local Oakville and Mississauga companies with SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Management, Inbound Marketing and more. We want to help your business thrive in the coming year and we’re ready to help you build the digital marketing plan you need to do it – contact us to get started!

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Facing Challenges with Resolve

Measure Marketing solves your digital bottlenecks.

My website isn’t getting enough traffic.

 Our digital marketing agency specializes in organic and paid traffic strategies, utilizing SEO, content marketing, and PPC to enhance your online visibility. By targeting high-intent keywords and creating compelling ad copy, we aim to drive a steady stream of visitors to your site.

My website isn’t generating enough leads.

We leverage conversion rate optimization techniques and engaging landing page designs to transform your website into a lead generation machine. Our targeted content and user experience strategies are designed to convert visitors into leads.

My CPL from digital ad campaigns is too high.

Our agency’s paid media experts refine targeting and bidding strategies to lower your Cost Per Lead, ensuring your ad spend delivers maximum value. We continuously A/B test and optimize ad creatives for peak performance.

I'm not ranking for my targeted keywords.

Our SEO services include comprehensive keyword research and on-page optimization to ensure your content aligns with what your audience is searching for. We build robust backlink profiles to elevate your domain authority and keyword rankings.

My marketing efforts aren't translating into measurable ROI.

We focus on performance metrics and analytics to pivot your strategy towards the most profitable channels. Our goal is to turn every marketing dollar into a trackable investment with clear returns.

I'm unsure how to leverage marketing automation to its full potential.

We implement cutting-edge marketing automation tools to streamline your campaigns and personalize the user experience. Our team sets up efficient workflows that nurture leads and automate repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on strategy and growth.