As an inbound marketing company that supports clients in Mississauga and all surrounding areas, we often have clients come to us when they are feeling stuck, frustrated and unsure on what the next step should be in their marketing plan to get the results they want. What we commonly see is that our clients have spent time determining their ideal customers, creating a value proposition, and learning some key characteristics about those ideal customers but aren’t having success when it comes to building the right type of customer relationships that lead to sales.

Inbound Marketing for SaaS Companies

Unfortunately, traditional outbound marketing tactics no longer offer the big results they use to, especially if you don’t have a sizeable budget to put behind your plans. There must be a better option, right? There certainly is! Activating a digital marketing strategy that includes social media marketing and inbound marketing can help you build the success you envision. Inbound marketing is an excellent way to build your website traffic, create online lead generation, convert those leads into customers and ultimately fill your marketing and sales funnel.

How Inbound Marketing Works For SaaS Companies

According to recent forecast by Forrester, global SaaS software revenue was expected to reach $106 billion by the end of 2016 and continue to grow even bigger this year. While this forecast can mean great things for your SaaS business, it also means that you will be faced with increased competition and a noisy industry where it is even harder to get your marketing efforts stand out.

One of the best ways to reach and retain customers is to provide value. And that, essentially, is what inbound marketing is all about. Inbound marketing focuses on bringing potential customers to your business, instead of your business reaching out to them. Creating and sharing value added content specific to your industry and your target market allows you to build a relationship with your customers that is based on trust and on the idea that they consider you to be a top resource in your field.

It is important to know that inbound marketing is more than just a promoted social media campaign or a series of blog posts randomly published. To have an effective inbound marketing strategy means that you understand that it’s a long game, and one that requires a strategic investment and comprehensive plan to be effective. But since customer success can make or break overall SaaS success, using inbound marketing to build and nurture your customer relationships is not an opportunity you can afford to ignore.

Inbound Marketing Techniques For SaaS Companies

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve listed some top inbound marketing techniques that provide strong results for SaaS companies.

  • Build a well-read blog that is optimized for SEO. A blog that offers valuable information to both customers and industry can easily become one of your number one customer acquisition tools. An effective blog needs to have new content posted frequently, needs to cover trending and timely information and needs to offer a mix of information type and topics.
  • Create a free tool for your customers. Blogs and webpages can include things like free white pages, eBooks, videos, infographics or free assessment tools that enable customers to learn more about how your product can offer them solutions.
  • Join relevant communities like or GrowthHackers that allow you to share your content.
  • Build social media channels for your business (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram) that can be used to share your content in addition sharing other value added information and engaging with your customers.

Making Inbound Marketing Work For Your Business

Developing an inbound marketing strategy is not easy and requires time and effort to build a comprehensive plan. Producing the right content is only one aspect of inbound marketing and in order for SaaS companies to really benefit, each tactic also requires powerful calls to action, optimized landing pages and an SEO strategy that will build web traffic.

Without the support of an experienced inbound marketing company or B2B digital marketing agency, envisioning and executing the right inbound marketing strategy can very well leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. We are here to help! Measure Marketing is an inbound marketing company located in Mississauga with years of success and experience helping GTA clients make inbound marketing work for them. We can help you get it right and put you on a path to inbound marketing success that will bring in the leads you want and support your journey for growth and profitability. Request a consultation or contact us to get started.