What is Local Search & Local Search Benefits?


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World Wide Web has revolutionized online marketing and sales strategy around the world. Search-engines like Google and Yahoo are household names. The power of internet is awesome in shaping our knowledge, learning, education and in innumerable activities of daily living. Search patterns and behaviours have evolved. People take time to seek and track the latest trends and crazes, product deals and offers, look out for reviews and comments and search for what they want. People are keen to know where they can get what they want now, here and in areas local and nearby.

They target with not only keywords specific to the product/service and relevant business category they are interested, they specify the locale where they are interested. Not just for super-stores, specialty outlets, restaurants or fast food joints. They search for services like medical doctors and clinics, real estate agents, furniture stores and well practically whatever they may need. (cdphpfitnessconnect.org) They find local search useful to get what they want from local business listings more in the new digital spaces of hand-held devices and mobiles. With the latest Google’s Hummingbird update, it is more relevant that now the results that will be served will be precise and concise to “What, Where and How”.

Local search – the friendly neighborhood market guide
The Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp and Bing Places and other local channels contain local business listings where products/services can be searched. Products/services which have a strong presence locally and which are recognized locally get maximum visibility and prime place in local search. Claiming the listing in the local business pages alone is not sufficient. If your profile in all the local business listing page is informative and inviting, comprehensive and compelling, you can convert every visit into a sale. The listing must have

  • All description of product/services offered.
  • Relevant information (strategically placed keywords, don’t stuff them), reviews, citation to engage visitors’ interests.
  • Consistent Contact information, hours of operation and other details.
  • Great photos of your product/services, staff (with clickable options).
  • Accessible with mobile friendly apps.
  • Interesting information in search-engine-friendly structured mark-up labelling.

Local search benefits to gain the Lion’s share
Local search is here and ready to chuck out brands – big or small – if they do not have a local presence. Many a time, the sites from local listings grab the eyeballs more effectively than sites that top organic search results. Hence it has been proven that local search leads to more focused traffic. With clever local search marketing strategies, you can harness the power of local search engine optimization and maximize the power of search at local level. If your site is represented in the local business listings most favorably, you will easily top the Search Results Pages and of course generating more qualified leads and increase your conversion-to-sale ratio!

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