The concept of a salesperson is changing, and not always for the better. Nowadays, salespeople spend 73% of their time on non-selling activities. This includes manual tasks like signing, uploading, and updating documents or searching for contracts and following up on statuses with customers or other department members.

Kelash Kumar, the Vice President of products at Dropbox, sees this as a major issue because time kills deals. Too much time spent in sales administration hell can lead to major losses in potential revenue as customers become less interested.

The solution? Automated tasks and streamlined processes through integrated sales cycles and martech.  

He provides the example of Symphonic, a digital music distribution company that went from processing deals over several days to processing them in only hours. This was accomplished through integrating their systems with tools like HubSpot and HelloSign. This allowed them to track interactions, deals, and notes, and automate their workflow. Admin tasks are now completed immediately, and the customer (artist) can begin working on their music and uploading it without delay. Now, they handle approximately 400 automated requests per month.

By streamlining their processes and integrating tools and software, they have reduced friction in their sales flywheel, allowing for more momentum to be gained through sales and improving their customers’ experiences.

Often, these tools can be underutilized as people aren’t aware of them, see them as too complex, or believe the product is not worth the time/effort to learn and implement.

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