Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


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What Your LinkedIn Page Says About Your Company

Your personal LinkedIn profile doesn’t just speak about you, it’s also a reflection of your company.  As a business owner, it’s important that all your personal social profiles reflect your authentic self.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get your LinkedIn profile up to date.

1. Photo: professional but with a bit of your personality

Great Example:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

 2. Add your current job title, company, and industry to the top of your profile

Lisa Marie LinkedIn Profile

3. Post on a variety of subject matters, essentially create your voice

  • Industry trends
  • Client accomplishments
  • News
  • Company news
  • Share post from clients and industry leaders
  • Topics of interest

4. Summary: Include keywords that are relevant to your personal profile and your company profile.

5. Add images, links to previously published works, anything that will add interest and credibility to your profile. People love visuals, so make it easy for them to relate to you.

6. A detailed experience section not only shows who you are, but gives insight into the types of processes your company has in place.

7. Incorporate any case studies and testimonials you may have. And if you don’t have them yet, perhaps, it’s time to get some.

8. Give endorsements and get them in return. Endorsements are a reflection of the professional skills you possess and represent your company. You want to make sure that you have listed all your skills within your profile to make it easier for your connections to endorse you.

9. Groups are often overlooked, but these can be huge source of good information, relevant connections and visibility. They also make it easier to connect with like-minded individuals & business owners; so don’t just pass them by. (getzonedup.com)

10. The #1 most important tip for all social media channels is to share relevant content and keep up with it. Discipline is key, so create a social media schedule and stick to it.

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