The Advocacy Phase

The Buyer’s Journey Part 4: The Advocacy Phase


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Your customers can do more than initiate sales. By offering high-quality products or services, advertising effectively, and making the sales process easy and efficient, you can turn your customers into advocates for your business. 

Picture this example: 

Your business offers CRM software. A medium-sized business utilizes your services and can promote incredible growth because of your high-quality offerings. Now, their partners want to emulate the same growth in their businesses and, by creating a positive relationship with your customer, you have a business that is ready to advocate for you. The new customers, generated by your initial customer advocacy, are now further along in the buyer’s journey than they would be through traditional advertising. In some cases, people may go from strangers to customers in a matter of minutes. That is the power of advocacy. 

Primary Tools 

  • Referrals 

The advocacy phase is all about referrals. You want to make sure your customers are loyal and will promote you to their connections. As referrals often occur through word of mouth, it can be difficult to measure this metric but here are a few options: 

  • Reviews 

An in-depth, 5-star Google review is gold. Your customer is above and beyond pleased with your business which is a strong indicator that they will advocate for you. As a bonus, a series of glowing reviews will help boost your SEO as search engines will find your site more credible. Regardless of checking for advocacy potential, it’s very important to get reviews on your site.

  • Surveys 

Once your customer has received your product, you’ve completed your service, or, if your service is ongoing, intermittently throughout working together, you can send your customers a survey. You can format the survey as you see fit but be sure the questions relate to quality data like customer satisfaction or their likelihood of recommending your business to others.

  • Asking new customers directly 

You can always ask customers how they learned about your business. This is an excellent tool for measuring your advocacy rate, but it also serves to check up on your other marketing strategies. Are you getting a lot of leads from a paid ad on social media but almost none from your billboards? It may be time to reconsider your strategy. 

The Flywheel 

Calling this phase, the final one may be a bit of a misnomer as the buyer’s journey isn’t a straight line, but a circle. The advocacy phase brings us back to the start, streamlines the process and our offering to the customers growing needs, and continues to either upsell or build raving fans.

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Picture this flywheel while considering the buyer’s journey. In the beginning, the wheel will be stagnant, you have to initiate the spinning on your own by encouraging attraction. Use organic advertising, videos, social media, and other tools we discussed earlier to build momentum. As you begin to spin the wheel, you’ll notice that attraction boosts engagement. Using this boost to your advantage while using tools like email marketing and marketing automation will help promote engagement further, which boosts delight in turn. You’ll follow the same process, adding surveys and personalized content to boost delight and find you’ve ended back at the attraction phase. But this time, the wheel isn’t stagnant, it’s already spinning.

As long as you remain focused on attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers, the wheel will need less and less assistance while promoting more and more sales. 

The Buyer’s Journey Moving Forward

Good marketing is never stagnant. Thought leaders and marketers all over the world are always experimenting with their strategies to find the best ways to attract customers. It’s important to stay up to date on important marketing news so your business doesn’t miss out on potential opportunities.

Do you need a marketing strategy firm that helps you create your ideal persona and craft successful go-to-market strategies for your upcoming product? We are here to guide you through the process as an extension of your team or as that team. Let’s talk about it!

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