What if I offered you the chance to reach 1.79 billion potential viewers for your company’s marketing? Of course, you would take me up on that offer. You would be not so smart if you decided not to. Now, what if I told you that you could potentially reach that many viewers right this moment? All you have to do is turn on your computer and hook your marketing into social media. The audience is there; you just need to reach out.

It’s the digital age where everyone is on social media. It is to this generation what television and radio were to previous ones. If you have a business, you need to have a social media strategy. Without one, you may as well not have a website. (kennedyandperkins) Here are some reasons why any business must have a social media presence:

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Sheer Numbers

Currently, there are 1.79 billion Facebook users, 400 million Instagram users, 317 Twitter users, 110 Pinterest users, and 100 million Snapchat users. Even when considering that many social media users have multiple platforms, the numbers are astronomical. If you have a social media account  with any of these platforms, you can potentially reach all of these eyes.

Cost Efficiency

How much does it cost to run a 30-second commercial on a network television show? How about a full-page ad in a national newspaper? And what will your return be? How many people can you possibly reach in a newspaper compared to those who might see you on social media? A well put-together social media campaign is always going to be cheaper than a national advertising one. On top of that, you can reach more eyes. Social media marketing will give you more bang for your buck.

Hit the Right Demographics

Are you looking for the youthful audience? The ones who will buy your product? That same audience loves to check their Twitter and Instagram accounts all day. They look at their phones for far longer than they look at their television screens. If you want that audience and their dollars, you need to reach them where they are or someone else will.

Build Up Your Net Traffic

It is a natural inclination to seek out more information on something that grabs your interest. A strong social media campaign will push viewers to immediately seek out more information on your company through the internet thus improving your site traffic and SEO.

Social Media is Flexible

The nature of social media allows you more room to change your advertising strategy in mid-stream. Since content is created as you go along, you will not be chained to one style if it is not working.

Personal Touch with Customers

Social Media allows customers to have a more direct line with the company. This works in your favour because you are able to correct mistakes and customer concerns at a quicker pace. Customers like companies that engage and listen to them.

While anyone can create a Facebook page, do not fall into the trap of assuming that just anyone can create an effective social media strategy. It still takes savvy people with training and experience to make it work. Reach out to experienced professionals who know what they are doing. At Measure Marketing, we specialize in search and social media marketing including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Content Marketing. We can also work integrate your video marketing and SEO optimization. You want to leverage our combined experience of 35 years to optimize the best returns on your digital marketing dollars. Contact us today and find out more.