When done right, videos perform better than almost any other type of online content. However, many companies get it dead wrong. The internet is littered with boring videos that most users click away from before they have even fully loaded. If you have been dabbling in video marketing but aren’t sure if you’re striking internet gold, here are a few secrets to keep in mind:

It’s all in title. The success of your video will largely be determined by the title that you give it. Most people glance at the title and take a split second to decide if it’s worth their time. A video with an intriguing title will always get more hits. A video titled “Lose 10 pounds in 1 month” will probably get more hits than one called “How to Eat Better”. It’s also smart to include relevant key words in your title so that your video ranks better in online searches.

It HAS to be relevant. Any company that consistently posts interesting content relevant to their target audience will never have trouble generating website traffic. What does your target audience want to know about? Create a video that answers a question that you often get from your customers. For more information on creating strong web content, check out “Web Content that Captivates”.

You NEED a strategy. What are you trying to achieve with your online content? Are you building awareness of your brand? Are you positioning yourself as an expert? Are you trying to engage your customer? When you have a strategy in mind, your online content is more focused, which will make it more effective.

If it’s too long, you’re done! Most people are less forgiving online than they are anywhere else. They may click on your video, but if it doesn’t grab their attention in a few seconds, they’ll close it. Find a way to intrigue them, make your point, and end it. The longer your video; the less likely people are to finish it.

You need to BLAST it on social media. Since you’ve invested your time and money into creating these videos, you want to promote them in any way you can. Use all available social media platforms to reach as wide an audience as possible. Pay special attention to the post you include with your video as it will have a huge impact on how many hits you get.