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Rise of the Machines- How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Search Engine Optimization


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It was supposed to happen on August 29th, 1997. That was the date that Skynet, an artificial intelligence, would become self-aware and declares war on humanity. Of course, Skynet only exists in the Terminator movie franchise universe. It’s an overused, yet still popular, Hollywood trope: an artificial intelligence (AI) becomes self-aware and seeks only to destroy its human creators. From Blade Runner to Terminator to Maximum Overdrive to the more recent Westworld, our fiction is filled with humans fighting AIs who have morphed into murderous, would-be despots. If this makes you fear the oncoming AIs, then you had better sit down: they are already here.

AIs are being utilized in all industries across the globe. While they may not be as interesting (or off balance) as their Hollywood counterparts, they are a hundred times more useful. Since 2015, when Google announced the use of RankBrain, their algorithm learning artificial intelligence system, the use of AI has changed how we look at search engine optimization. Though it is still early to give definitive predictions, here are a few trends that AI has created with SEO optimization:

Artificial Intelligence Toronto

The Evolution of the Keyword

Keywords have long been a linchpin for SEO campaigns. As search engines have become more sophisticated, marketers have become better at finding crafty ways to utilize keywords to bring in more hits. However, AIs will not just be looking at keywords, but will be able to scan entire articles and guess at the content. Basically, keywords won’t be enough; the content will have to be stronger and more unique to guarantee more hits. It will almost be like the AI pre-reading the content for the user. Marketers will have to take more time producing relevant articles answering what people are asking and less time mindlessly stuffing keywords into a post.

Do Androids Watch Videos?

Currently, search engines will seek out videos by the keywords that are attached to them. AI is changing that. Much like text, AI-powered will be able to analyze information about the video and make a better guess what the content is and who it might appeal to. This would lead to more succinct searches when users seek information. Once again, the onus will be on the creators of the videos to create more relevant content if they want the best SEO.

A Chorus of Voices

Siri and Alexa, voice-activated personal assistants developed by Apple and Amazon, are only the beginning. Verbal web searches may soon surpass typed searches. Why is this important? Well, verbal commands are longer and more conversational than typed search requests. It could potentially change results as AIs seek out web pages that are written in a more conversational style. As AIs adapt to spoken commands, web content providers will have to adjust to meet this change.

The Decline of the Black Hats

With AI-operated search engines, black hat techniques should largely disappear. What’s a black hat technique? It is a method or practice that can increase web pages ranking in the search engine using sneaky or roundabout methods. It artificially inflates a web pages importance by taking advantages of gaps. Black hat methods can include keyword stuffing, content automation, hidden links, and content automation. Though the practice is prohibited by search engines, they could be difficult to detect. No longer. AIs can sniff out and eliminate black hat techniques and stomp out the phony results.

What Can You Do?

This isn’t movie; don’t fear artificial intelligence. Embrace change. More importantly, take advantage of it. Start with your content; it needs to be more relevant and able to answer what people want to know. Ramp up your video productions. And consider how voice commands might affect your SEO. You will help from a marketing agency that is ahead of the curve and that thinks 3 steps ahead of everyone else. Time to call Measure Marketing. Offering digital marketing solutions to companies in Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, and Oakville, Measure Marketing will use creativity and know-how to improve your SEO and increase your revenue. We offer solutions to all your digital needs including SEO, online lead generation, B2B, email campaigns, social media, and video marketing. Contact us today for more information.

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