Targeted Display Advertising is a measurable, cost-effective tool to implement marketing campaigns that generate targeted website traffic, to attract both new and repeat customers.The goal of any business is to connect with its audience on the platform that is most profitable by being present where its target market is. Display target advertising helps to do this effectively and efficiently. The fact is not all website visitors convert during their first visit. To make sure that these prospective buyers are not lost,“retargeting” those helps by tracking them and showing them your ads, even when they visit other websites online. Display retargeting is an innovative strategy that can be leveraged as a powerful tool to maximize your marketing ROI.

Exactly how does it work?

Let’s say a visitor arrives at your website. She browses around, learns about your services and products but for some reason, leaves without actually buying anything. By using customized retargeting display ads you can keep your brand on top of her mind, attracting her back to your site to complete the sales cycle, no matter what stage she was in.

Retargeting with targeted display ads:

  • Promotes brand recall.
  • Motivates visitors who left your site without responding to your call to action to come back.

To get the most out of it, it is important to

  • Define your target audience and segment them so that the most appropriate ads can be displayed to them.
  • Actually identify the buyers, profiling them based on industry profile so that the ad creative can be customized to them.

The best part about retargeting is retrieving lost leads by bringing back prospective buyers who left without buying, putting them back in the marketing funnel.

Targeted display advertising can be based on different goals such as profile targeting, where you can target your audience in relation to their age, gender, location, time, and so on, or behavioral targeting where you show your ads to visitors who need your products, depending on their most recent online activity. Retargeting is aimed at visitors who have visited your website but left without buying.

Display advertising’s biggest advantage is improving brand visibility since it allows you to target a user who has already interacted with your website, helping you boost conversion rates.

Now let’s look at yet another aspect of targeted display advertising. Your business can either target users, or target sites. When you target users, your ad follows them wherever they go online. By targeting sites, you show your ads to whoever visits that particular site.

Targeting users can be based on:

  • Site retargeting where you use special tracking tags on your website to enable you show display ads to whoever visited your site, no matter where they are online. This can be based on which page they visited on your site.
  • Search retargeting, based on the search phrase used by the users who did not click your site in the search results. These users can be targeted with your ads for products similar to what they are looking for

Targeting sites can be:

  • Site targeting where you show ads on sites chosen by you and display them to all the visitors on their site. You can also specify which sites you wish to exclude.
  • Advertising on specific categories of sites, say for example electronic parts or book stores.

Depending on the type of business you are in and your marketing goals you can use either of the above or a combination.

Display targeted advertising can bring excellent results for both B2B and B2C advertisers seeking to increase brand exposure, targeted traffic and increased sales.

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