It’s time you reviewed your marketing triggers. It’s no news that the digital world requires dozens of analytical tools to see how customers interact with company services or products. What is important here is a little shift in attitude and concentration on -mindset, approach, creativity and measurement. Also, the SEO and social marketing teams will have to gear up too. Our infographic design team took a closer look at the digital marketing trends that will dominate 2015 and we assure you – it will pay to follow them.

Mobiles Wonders

Mobiles have gone several notches higher and matter more than ever in the web world. Forbes predicts that by 2017, about 87% of connected device sales – a category that includes desktop-based PCs and laptops – will be smartphones and tablets. Also, designers will have to make sure online features cater to the audience. People are relying on mobiles to help them navigate and bridge the real & digital world.

Trends that will determine how companies market for outstanding gains

The Customer: Emperor of the Buying Cycle

The customer will continue to rule and influence the industry throughout the buying cycle. Segmentation, buyer behaviour and personalization will continue to be the key factors. Targeting audiences with relevant information based on journey and engagement will be the other important issue for businesses.

Content Marketing is Bigger Than Ever

It is essential for social media marketers, SEOs, and PR professionals to rebrand as content strategists in order to remain in the battlefield. They must keep in mind the Hummingbird algorithm which specializes with the way people speak, search and engage with your content. SEOs cannot afford to do without relevant content.

Marketers to Embrace Social Media Diversification

Love it, hate it, but don’t ignore it! First, did you know there are more than two billion active social media users worldwide, representing a global penetration of 28%?

Second, users between the age of 15 and 19 spend at least 3 hours every day on social networking sites. 2015 will see extensive use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine social channels.

SEO + Social Media + Content = Increased ROI

It is called the “Trio Impact” and it’s about creating, distributing, and measuring optimized marketing that targets your prospects. It helps companies leverage the combined power of these three digital marketing tactics for maximum positive impact for online marketing spend and web presence.

Free Reach is Passe!

The social media free reach days are over. This is a positive step as the possibilities for personalization and targeting social sites gets a boost. And businesses should be taking advantage of it. This also comes with strong analytics and high conversion capabilities to empower marketers to deliver measurable results and offer businesses, a higher ROI.

Success Mantra: Email + Paid Social = Marketing Automation

It is an energizing time for social media marketers. Paid advertisements are advanced and precise but also come with serious complexities. Paid, owned, and earned are the three legs of the social marketing stool – and each one is equally important. Furthermore, email marketing is the best medium for direct access and segment target marketing. It feels more personal when consumers have something delivered and addressed to them. In the next 12 months at least 61% of businesses will increase their efforts in this area. A recent Strong View Survey, predicted email marketing budgets will continue to rise as marketers strive to improve automation, relevance, and data access.

Measurable Results Key For Small Businesses

Be it for customer experience or ROI on marketing spend, measurable results and conversions will be the focus for small businesses.