A highly effective way to captivate your target market
Mobile marketing is the future and plays a powerful role in your digital marketing strategy. Over 70% users use their smartphone to browse the internet, watch TV, see online ads, chat with their friends, check the stock market, look for local deals, book movie tickets, shopping and for mobile search. The question is: will your mobile site be in the search results they see?
Mobile marketing can drive instant traffic to your website. At Measure Marketing, we help businesses leverage mobile marketing in Toronto for their business. Mobile phones are changing the way business is done and a mobile site is a great lead generation and relationship building tool.
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With the world going mobile, every online business has to adapt its marketing strategies, or get left behind in the race. Unless your website is visible on the mobile platform, with your contact information easily accessible you could lose your traffic to competitors. Here are just a few exciting statistics to show you why you cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing:

Measure Marketing Offers An Array Of
Digital Marketing And Seo Solutions, Including

  • 8 in 10 mobile users browse products and services
  • M-commerce to Hit $119 Billion in 2015
  • There are five times as many cellphones in the world as PCs
  • Brands can reach 95% of mobile phone subscribers by leveraging MMS and SMS
  • 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase
  • 79% of smartphone users use their phone to shop, with 74% making a purchase
  • Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons.
  • Mobile ads perform 2 to 3 times better than online ads
Mobile marketing can explode your sales like no other medium while increasing brand awareness, building your community and helping you engage with your users in a way they like.
Fortunately, Mobile marketing does not involve investing an arm and a leg. Most marketers tend to get intimidated when they must make the decision to use mobile marketing.

At Measure Marketing, we are fully equipped to build your mobile marketing strategy based on an analysis of your brand’s needs and your target market.

We create engaging mobile content in the form of:

  • SMS Text Message Campaigns
  • Mobile Web Development
  • iPhone, Android and other mobile App design and development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile Banner Campaigns
  • Mobile Apps Integration
  • Mobile Sponsorships & Newsletters
  • Advergames
  • Mobile Video
  • Any other requests you might have
The mobile is a unique and fun way to connect with your target market, expanding your reach to millions of mobile phone users anywhere, any time. To make sure you achieve your specific goals, your mobile marketing strategy must be conceived and designed in such a way that it is user-friendly catering to your target market and the variety of screen sizes and other technical considerations out there.
To discuss how we can help your voice be heard above the din and captivate your audience successfully through mobile marketing in Toronto, schedule an appointment today.

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