LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin marketing – placing your brand where the business is happening

A 100 million professionals. 9 million companies. 850,000 groups. All on LinkedIn, the professional social-business networking website. In June 2011 alone, LinkedIn had 33.9 million unique visitors, which is up 63 percent from the previous year. Imagine being able to connect with even a percentage of these professionals!

While every business understands that LinkedIn can be a great marketing and lead generation tool, most do not go beyond creating a bare-bones profile.

At Measure Marketing, we are social media marketing consultants, specializing in web 2.0 services and have the expertise to enable you leverage LinkedIn for your business, putting your brand right in front of professionals looking for your service.

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Conversation marketing at its best

One of the biggest advantages about LinkedIn is its demographic profiling, allowing the targeting based on company’s size, job profile, industry, gender, age, location and seniority making advertising a highly focused and result oriented activity.

LinkedIn is the social network for business connections because you can:

  • Generate more traffic and more business
  • Know what your competition is up to
  • Enhance your company’s visibility and ranking online, helping SEO
  • Use it to assess the demand for a new product using the Q&A feature
  • Make connections and expand your network
  • Get recommendations for your business, products and services
  • Browse profiles to find your next business associate, employee or JV partner
  • Connect and engage with professionals looking for your service
  • Participate in LinkedIn
  • Groups, Discussions
    Use LinkedIn’s paid advertising

Every one of the Fortune 500 companies is represented on LinkedIn. If you want to be engaged with your market on an on-going basis, call us to get started today with comprehensive solutions that maximize your ROI.

Using LinkedIn marketing best practices we take care of:

  • LinkedIn profile creation
  • LinkedIn Account management
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Interlink your website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Blog so that visitors can visit your profiles

Our LinkedIn marketing experts design highly targeted campaigns based on profile-focused techniques to help you connect with the maximum number of decision makers on LinkedIn.

To maximize your ROI on social media marketing using LinkedIn as an effective tool, call us to get started today.