Facebook’s newest feature marks a huge trend in digital advertising: video content. Facebook created a tab in the newsfeed exclusively for video content. The new emphasis on video content provides a new opportunity for marketers to reach their audience in a creative and engaging way. Facebook’s statistics show that people look at video content 5 times longer than static ads. And the trend towards video content will not be going away anytime soon: it’s been predicted that Facebook will be geared towards all mobile and video content by 2020.

facebook video marketing

The video tab feature is currently only available for users in the U.S., but it’s expected to be launched in other countries soon. Now is the time to seriously plan and implement your video marketing strategy, and start making use of video platforms like Facebook Live.  Even if you don’t have the video tab right now, it’s important to know that video will soon be a major Facebook feature, and use this information to get ahead.

To make the most of video content, it’s important to build your content for mobile and smaller screens, use subtitles to narrate (most users view videos without sound), and use videos to create compelling stories and T.V. style content. You can also use video content to engage your audience in the comment section and creating a Q&A section to answer questions.

Video content is now an organic part of Facebook’s newsfeed, and increasingly becoming a normal part of the consumer experience. Here’s a quick look at some of Facebook’s video integration features that you might not have considered:

  • Subtitles (as most videos are viewed without audio).
  • Minimized videos (so you can scroll your newsfeed while watching video content).

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