INBOUND 2022 has not shied away from addressing the friction many companies are facing throughout many if not all of their flywheel stages. Ashley Faus, the director of integrated product marketing for Atlassian, and Robert Chatwani, the CMO of Atlassian, sit down to discuss how we can build our business around the idea of fueling the flywheel and provide tips on how to reduce that friction.

To have an effective flywheel, two things need to happen:

  • Build the flywheel – It is important to design your flywheel model with your ideal business structure in mind. Strengthen your team by diversifying their roles. Having members work alongside others in different departments allows them to develop their understanding of different aspects of the company and helps them to communicate effectively with other team members they otherwise would not have the language for. While building your flywheel, focus on finding ways that you can empower customers to enjoy your company/brand so that they stay loyal advocates for you. You must also “get out of the customer’s way” to reduce friction. This means making the buying process smooth, efficient, and intuitive. Don’t bombard with pop-ups, email sign-up forms, or other things that may bog down the process.
  • Apply force to the flywheel – Chatwani shared his mantra of “be patient to be greedy.” This means you can draw in loyal customers with discounted, or even free products to build that trust and benefit from it down the line. If you have multiple products, don’t attempt to bombard each of your customers with all of these if they have only expressed interest in one. Instead, nurture the relationship you have and act on the benefits once the relationship is more secure.

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