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Google Expanded Text Ads – Make Them Work For You


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Are you taking advantage of every possible advertising opportunity? Are you sure? Because you might be missing the chance to significantly increase your revenue. Earlier this year, Google made a noteworthy change to their AdWords campaigns and introduced the concept of Expanded Text Ads. The modification allows advertisers to have two headline fields in their ads with 30 characters for each field, as opposed to the previous 25 character limit . The two short description fields have now been merged to one and accommodates up to 80 characters. Basically, this means that advertisers will now be able to use a more prominent headline and a more detailed product description. Take a look at the image below to get an idea of the difference. The image on the left is an ad with the whole system; the one on the right is using Google Expanded Text Ads:

Google Expanded Text Ads

As you can see, the ad on the right offers more content and description for the product. Google Expanded Text Ads will help maximize perform on mobile devices and improve click through rates (CTR).

Early indicators suggest that Google Expanded Text Ads have improved CTR for advertisers.[1] However, having more text does not automatically improve ad performance; you have to take advantage of the expanded text to make the ads work. Here are a couple of ways that you can make the most of Google Expanded Text Ads:

Write New Ads

This change in character limits means that it is time to re-write your ads. After all, if you are running the same ad under the new system, what was the point of the change? It doesn’t have to be a massive campaign shake-up, but simply fine-tune what you already have to add more description and more usage of the main keywords. You have the space; use it!

Focus on the Headline

People are going to be tempted to put all of their work in the new description field. That’s fine, but your attention should be on improving your headlines. Most viewers will only pay attention to the headline; the strength of it will pull them deeper into the ad and result in a higher CTR.

Consider New Audiences

Part of the purpose of Google Expanded Text Ads is to maximize the performance of the ads on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones. Every year, more and more people search web content on their mobile devices as opposed to desktop computers. If the trend continues, most web searches will be conducted through tablets and cell phones. As it stands, younger people are more likely to search online with their cell phones. Your new ads should be designed to reach this audience.

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