Google Announcing for Mobile-First: What the impact will be? Be Aware!


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It’s oft repeated, but there have been more Google search requests from mobile devices than traditional computers. That was something Google revealed in 2015! Nearly 4 years later, the ramifications of that are coming to the fore. As of July 1, Google is all set to make a major change to its website indexing: mobile sites will be indexed first for search. Google Announcing for Mobile-First: What the impact will be? Be Aware! In this article we break down the impact this can have on your website. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple! Impact on current sites
  1. If you have responsive site, it means no difference for you.
  2. If your sites give users very different (dynamic) experiences, Google’s crawlers will prioritize the mobile site.
  3. If you rely on a desktop-only site, no difference (yes, you’ll continue to lose out to even simple mobile sites because of your usability.
  4. The biggest change is if you employ a desktop and distinct mobile site (for instance, ‘’ and ‘’. In this case, your mobile site will be crucial for your SEO ranking.
The practical impact of this will be felt most for those who have yet not invested in a dynamic or responsive site. And as the trend for mobile first sites continue, more mobile-centric factors will affect SEO ranking. Wider ramifications As experts mobile SEO website developers, we can confidently make these predictions:
  1. Google will continue to prioritize its smartphone and tablet users.
  2. SEO on mobile websites will have to shift from long form text to cleverer methods.
  3. Website usability will have a greater impact on SEO rankings.
  4. Even current mobile websites can lose out if not optimized in accordance with the new update.
  5. Even if you are a B2B company with mostly desktop users, be prepared to see your SEO ranking slashed if you don’t have an excellent mobile site.
Understanding Google Google, like any other company has customers. Searches let Google sell its advertising service, Google Ads, a core business. Therefore, it must provide a compelling product. If most of its searchers, or customers, are coming via mobile platforms, is it not natural that it wants them to have the best experience. When searchers are happy with results, they will continue to rely on Google. It may not seem it, but search is a very competitive market. And one thing that has kept Google above its competition has been its ability to tailor its algorithms for emerging trends. High-ranking mobile SEO website The stage for a steady change how websites will be configured is afoot. This move from the search giant reflects the changing nature of how the internet is accessed. It is perhaps not even far-fetched to say that desktop websites may become redundant altogether. (buy zolpidem singapore) At Measure Marketing we make SEO simple. Stay at the cutting-edge of search trends, build beautiful sites that convert and make them engage for users. These simple mantras for exceptional mobile SEO website design has worked to great effect for our users. Get in touch with us to find out how we can give your business the edge with a mobile-ready website.

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