Are SEO Experts in Canada under Turbulent Conditions after Google’s Hummingbird Update?

Be it SEO experts in Canada or a different kind of an SEO company in Mississauga, who have always claimed to know the tactics that can get businesses to the Page 1 of Google, had to bite their tongue. 2012 & 2013 have been turbulent years for SEO’s with ongoing Google’s penguin update, then Panda update and now Google’s Hummingbird update. It has been an expensive affair for enterprises, not just in the form of lost rankings but valuable FREE traffic that used to drive revenues. So, what’s the Future of SEO in 2014?

What’s the future of SEO in 2014?

Based on trends over the past couple of years its evident that for SEO companies in Canada it will be challenging to get substantial natural traffic through the doors. The traditional time tested techniques still work, however, software driven; spammy link building tactics have to exit. In a perfect SEO 2014 world, SEOs will have to rely on the following:

  • Authoritative content with precise information
  • Quality of a website
  • User experience will be key
  • Social signals
  • Local, consistent search profiles
  • Reviews and Citations
  • Complimentary manual link building that is relevant

SEO’s with superficial knowledge won’t progress and will continue to fail in getting their clients Organic traffic and prominent placements. An SEO company who understand that relevant websites serving engaging content and creating a fine user experience will thrive.

With adaptive and local Search results being given prominence, it will be critical for companies to claim their local listings and ensure each local profile serves consistent information.

The Infographic below explains the core focus areas and future of SEO in 2014.

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It is crystal-clear that Google will continue to enhance its algorithms in the years to come & valuable, authoritative and user focused content would rule the search engines in 2014 and beyond.