The latest launch by Facebook that’s creating a considerable buzz is the Graph Search. Currently in limited-release beta, it is a completely personalized search feature.

What is Facebook Graph Search?

If you haven’t heard about it or want to learn about it, here is its introductory video:

Briefly put, the Graph Search feature lets you search Facebook for suggestions focusing on People, Places, Photos and Interests. It delivers information shared by your network as well as public information.

How Facebook Graph Search Can Help my Business?

Facebook Graph Search offers a wealth of opportunity for business, especially if your business is local as it mines information existing around Facebook connections.

As of now, the Graph Search feature is available only for personal profiles & it is not known right now if this feature will be made available for the business pages.

If made available for business pages also, then as a business page owner you can potentially profile your customers (that is, those who are fans). You can find out what movies they like, the brands they like, the places they visit and lots more.
Since Graph Search offers location-based results, search results can throw up your local business page via connections who are your fans.

Local marketing has become more essential with the proliferation of handy devices like Smartphones, tablets. When people search for businesses, they look for complete information including nearby locations, contact numbers. So ensure that your Facebook page is up-to-date with all relevant details.

How Can I Get the most out of this Opportunity?

  • Get local by claiming a location page on Facebook that allows your fans to check-in. A location page has detailed information about you and your fans can discover and learn more about your business. Local Facebook pages are more engaging as compared to corporate brand pages.
  • Build an engaged local fan base. Relevant localized content gives more reason for people on Facebook to be involved with you. Relevant information & high engagement provide local pages an added advantage when it comes to Facebook Graph Search.

Leverage the potential of Graph Search.

Facebook Graph Search can help you understand your fans better and it can make your fans your brand ambassadors. This can keep you ahead of your competitors, so don’t delay exploring how Facebook’s new feature can benefit you.