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Discover the 4 Tools for B2B Digital Marketing Success


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Marketing has always been an important part of running a business. But have you embraced the new era of digital marketing? It can be hard to keep up with all the changes and constant evolution of options available, but it is important to understand how digital marketing in the B2B field can create success for your business. Many businesses feel that they are in the digital marketing game but admit to not having a solid strategy and don’t do the work to analyze and track the results. There is so much potential in B2B digital marketing, so keep reading to find out how it can effectively work for you.

Take a look at what digital marketing elements can help you find more B2B success. A good combination of these factors can help you gain more visibility and generate more qualified connections or leads

  1. Your Website
    A website is more than just a landing page for people to find your address or phone number! The look and feel of your website are actually critical components to lead generation and making sales. It is your digital first impression and it needs to reflect your customer experience and your company’s core values. Your website is also a space where you can share successes, reviews, product information and so much more with prospective clients. Make sure it is easy to use, responsive and up to date. A call to action should also appear right on the home page – ‘book an appointment, contact us, get a free estimate’.
  2. Your Content
    All content is not created equal. When we mention content, we mean quality content – well written, strategic and meaningful content that adds value. Quality content doesn’t come easy and many businesses struggle with producing this type of content. It is worth making an investment into having quality content produced for your business. A great digital agency can help you craft a strategy and a content marketing blueprint that will ensure you have consistent, top-notch content working for you.

    Keep in mind that content can also be curated or upcycled – you can polish up past blog posts or revitalize them to be repurposed for other mediums such as email marketing or social media. Great content can also be used more than once – that popular blog post from six months ago will likely garner the same reaction when reposted on your social media channels 6 months later. I’m sure you have gained more connections that have not seen or read that post.

    “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” Seth Godin, Author, Tribes

  3. LinkedIn and Your Social Media Strategy
    LinkedIn is a powerful Business 2 Business tool for reaching targeted prospects. The most important element is defining your core strategy first. If done right, the impact of prospecting on LinkedIn can be seen directly on the revenue numbers and health of your prospecting funnel. A healthy pipeline can lead you to your sales goal much faster and efficiently. Some companies have even moved away from cold calling and are heavily relying on Social Selling techniques to create a consistent lead flow and have more meaningful conversations with their prospects. If you are looking to learn more about how you can Fuel Your Marketing using LinkedIn then take a look at our LinkedIn Course. In addition to LinkedIn depending upon who your target audience is you can take advantage of other social media channels. Overall, social media is a fantastic way to boost your online visibility. Did you know that links to social media accounts sometimes pop up in a search before the company website? Successful SEO factors are also linked to social media activity. Choose the social media channels that you can manage and then be sure to regularly interact with your customers. Videos are one of the biggest trends in digital marketing so plan to build some video content into your digital marketing plans.

    B2B Marketing Success

  4. Marketing Automation
    Do you want to see quantifiable results from your B2B digital marketing efforts? Delivered through software platforms like Hubspot and Marketo, marketing automation helps companies correlate their investment in digital marketing back to the leads they generate. Using this type of tool, organizations can effectively market on multiple digital channels such as email, social media, and websites. Marketing automation is considered the digital marketing technology most likely to deliver significantly, measurable ROI but the investment to use the software is significant.

To sum things up, increasing your B2B sales through digital marketing comes down to being found, heard and seen online. The good thing is that good content and social media accounts are relatively low-cost marketing tools and there are lots of great resources that can help you fine tune your digital messaging. Book a consultation with Measure Marketing – we assist clients in Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Hamilton, Guelph and North York, Toronto, Markham and Etobicoke and we’d be happy to help you create a B2B digital marketing strategy that drives qualified leads and results for your business.

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My website isn’t getting enough traffic.

 Our digital marketing agency specializes in organic and paid traffic strategies, utilizing SEO, content marketing, and PPC to enhance your online visibility. By targeting high-intent keywords and creating compelling ad copy, we aim to drive a steady stream of visitors to your site.

My website isn’t generating enough leads.

We leverage conversion rate optimization techniques and engaging landing page designs to transform your website into a lead generation machine. Our targeted content and user experience strategies are designed to convert visitors into leads.

My CPL from digital ad campaigns is too high.

Our agency’s paid media experts refine targeting and bidding strategies to lower your Cost Per Lead, ensuring your ad spend delivers maximum value. We continuously A/B test and optimize ad creatives for peak performance.

I'm not ranking for my targeted keywords.

Our SEO services include comprehensive keyword research and on-page optimization to ensure your content aligns with what your audience is searching for. We build robust backlink profiles to elevate your domain authority and keyword rankings.

My marketing efforts aren't translating into measurable ROI.

We focus on performance metrics and analytics to pivot your strategy towards the most profitable channels. Our goal is to turn every marketing dollar into a trackable investment with clear returns.

I'm unsure how to leverage marketing automation to its full potential.

We implement cutting-edge marketing automation tools to streamline your campaigns and personalize the user experience. Our team sets up efficient workflows that nurture leads and automate repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on strategy and growth.