In the last decade, inbound marketing agencies have been acquiring more clients from the healthcare industry. Digital technology has changed the way that medical practitioners treat and service patients but it is also changing the way that healthcare professionals market and engage with current and prospective clients.

If you think that healthcare professionals can’t benefit from digital marketing tools like SEO marketing or by working with social media experts, think again! Across the Greater Toronto Area, dentists, chiropractors and doctors have been investing in the creation of digital marketing strategies that will attract today’s client.

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Digital Marketing Tools for Healthcare

  1. An Online Search Starts the Process: No matter what someone is looking for, the first thing they almost always do is search online. Healthcare is no different. And if they can’t find your website or any social media accounts, how can they book an appointment or make the decision to call your office to get more information?
  2. Mobile Functionality: It used to be that having a mobile optimized website was enough. Now, having a site that is completely functional and user friendly on any mobile device is mandatory. Working with an inbound marketing agency can help you build a layout with content on your website that works for your mobile first site and drive the SEO results you need so that you can be found. If it has been more than a year since you’ve done a website audit, it’s time to add that to your list of things to do in order to improve your digital marketing in 2017.
  3. Social Media Presence: It may not seem like you need to be on social media as a healthcare professional but we can tell you that a reputation built on trust and knowledge can be advanced quite a bit just by engaging and being available on social media sites. Using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, clients and suppliers can get to know you and your practice on a deeper level than can be achieved just through your website. And today’s clients are looking for that. Social media experts are equipped to help you find your voice and ensure it reflects and supports your business goals and values.
  4. Valuable Content: Today’s consumer is hungry for information. People google everything and read online content every single day! Wouldn’t you rather become their go-to source for valuable information that can improve and support their health? When it comes to the healthcare industry, there is a void in the digital marketing space for valuable and trusted content. By creating a content strategy for your healthcare practice that includes compelling and unique stories, not only will you be building trust and followers but your efforts will support your SEO marketing plans
  5. Analytics: Almost every digital marketing tool comes with the ability to track its results in real time. This opportunity can not only influence your marketing budget but also how you run your practice, service your clients and compete with your competition. Adopting digital marketing tools is a great start, but using their intel to your advantage will certainly improve the overall growth and success of your healthcare business.

Digital marketing tools are available for anyone to use – that’s the good news. The bad news is that unless you have the time and the knowledge to build a comprehensive strategy using the right tools that will achieve your goals and objectives, it is going to feel like you aren’t getting very far.

Measure Marketing is an inbound marketing agency that serves Toronto area businesses and boasts both social media and SEO marketing experts. Our experience making digital marketing work for those in the healthcare industry helps keep our clients competitive and engaged with both their industry and their clients. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and how we can help you achieve marketing success.