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Wagging the Dog- How Consumer Behaviour is Changing Digital Marketing


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It’s the dog that wags the tail, not the tail that wags the dog. That’s how it really works. It’s a lesson that marketers sometimes need to remember. Year after year, marketing companies and advertisers invest all of their resources into trying to shape the tastes and consumer behaviours of the public. But, more often than not, it is the behaviour of the public that forces the marketers to change their strategies and tactics. Though it is still relatively new, the digital marketing industry has been forced to transform to meet the changing online habits of consumers.

Consumer Behaviour Digital Marketing

The Rise of Social Media

Having an online presence is old hat. In fact, if your business wasn’t online 10 years ago, you were already behind the eight ball. A company website, even a well-maintained one, isn’t going to cut it with today’s consumer. Your company needs to be on social media. A recent study has shown that 30% of online time is devoted to social media. [1] Digital marketers have followed the trend by turning their attention and activities to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. Companies are using social media pages to interact directly with customers, offer free giveaways, promote upcoming products, hold contests, make announcements, and all forms of advertising. A huge portion of digital marketing is now devoted to social media.

On the Go

What people search is important; but HOW and WHERE they search for content is also relevant. Mobile online searches have now surpassed desktop searches; a recent report pegs online searches to be 60% mobile. [2] Marketers have had to address to make sure website and social media accounts are mobile friendly. No one is going to use your site if they can’t get on it through their phone or tablet. Searching on their mobile devices mean that people will go through content quicker and be more selective what they view, which means that marketers have had to pay more attention to….

Better Online Content

With countless websites to choose from, consumers can afford to be selective about where they lend their eyes. To keep the attention, and repeated visits of consumers, marketers have to spend more time creating relevant online content that address exactly what the viewer is looking for. People want their queries answered and if you don’t do it, they will find someone who will. Online video content is becoming the preferred advertising method of marketers as it attracts more and more viewers.

Online Reviews

One of the biggest recent challenges for companies and internet marketing agencies has been the proliferation of online reviews. Marketers want to control the narrative of the products so their message is the one being disseminated to the consumers. The online review culture not only allows consumers to seek out other messages, but also allows them to create their own message. Digital marketers have no control over these DIY messages. When they are positive, online reviews can be beneficial. But, a few negative reviews can have cataclysmically bad effects on sales. They can’t be controlled, so digital marketers now have to find ways around online reviews and turn them to their advantage.

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