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Attention Spans Are Getting Shorter – But Your Ads Don’t Have To Suffer


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There has been a lot of focus lately on the fact that today’s consumer has an increasingly short attention span. While the exact reason for this is still up for debate, the increasing use of smartphones and the continual shift to mobile content are two significant driving factors that marketers need to be aware of. Any inbound digital marketing you create for your customers needs to be immediate, relevant and convenient.

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Whether you’re working on your social media marketing or your content marketing, you need to adapt your strategies to align with the reality of the micro-attention span. Marketing in these conditions may feel impossible, but it’s really not the case. There are many tactics that can enhance your inbound digital marketing strategies and help you make the most of the few seconds you have to deliver a message to your audience and boost your sales as a result.

Tips For Effective Ads In The Micro Era

If you’re interested in improving your digital ads and content marketing in the New Year, pay attention to the following strategies that will help you capture your audience, even in an era of constant distractions.

  1. Optimize Your Ads For The Current Market.

You can get frustrated by the lack of attention people pay to your ads, or you can embrace this new type of consumer and understand that they are blasted with more ads than ever. Even though digital marketing has changed the way we interact with customers, the old age principle still rings true. Especially in a saturated market, it still really is best to keep it simple. It may seem counterintuitive, but by providing fewer options, you’ll most likely see conversions increase.

  1. Use A Multi-Channel Approach.

It’s certainly not likely that a customer will convert the first time they see your offer. Because you only have such a short amount of time to reach your audience, it makes more sense to use different channels to get the same message across. Even with a short message, with more than one channel used in your social media marketing strategy, you’ll increase the odds that your offer will be acted upon.

  1. Target Your Ads.

Available analytics gives businesses the option to target and retarget ads based on location, interests or need. If you’ve only got someone’s attention for a few seconds, why not ensure that the ad you are showing them is absolutely relevant? Not only will you track higher conversions, but you’ll also be making much better use of your marketing dollars.

  1. Focus On Mobile Users.

It should come as no surprise that mobile internet users outnumber desktop users. Did you also know that engagement tends to be higher on mobile devices than on desktop devices? If you aren’t focusing on a mobile-advertising strategy, you’re missing the opportunity to connect with a huge amount of potential customers. You may only have a short amount of time to connect with them, but know that they are a segment worth focusing on!

  1. Be Strategic With Your Words.

There is a lot of emphasis on images and videos, but don’t disregard the power of well-written text. Images can drive action and boost advertising conversion, but when text is used properly it can still be a more effective conversion tool than extensive visuals. Be sure that your text communicates exactly what users will gain when they click your banner ad, and you may be surprised at how well a strongly written ad or brand message can still deliver.

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