4-Step Approach to Embracing Marketing Technology

An Integrated 4-Step Approach to Embracing Marketing Technology


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Marketing technology, or MarTech, is a suite of tools that you can use to enhance your business by streamlining certain tasks and procedures. This is integral to most businesses big and small as it frees up your time to focus less on data collection and more on creating a unified approach to customers touchpoints across all platforms and channels. It helps you understand your customer journey. Rather than simply gathering leads and promoting sales, you and your team can start creating delightful experiences and meaningful sales conversations while running campaigns on autopilot. The human touch can also be built into your MarTech platform, giving your sales team an insight into real-time customer behavior. Follow these steps to familiarize yourself with your marketing technology of choice.

1. Prepare yourself

You’ve realized that you need to incorporate MarTech into your business. You’ve organically built a list of your ideal accounts, and contacts or perhaps purchased third-party data from ZoomInfo leads, Sales Genie, or another platform but you aren’t sure what to do with it. It’s time to work on familiarizing yourself with the platforms and making sure you have measurable goals to work towards.

  • Create a game plan

The amount of data you will have access to can get overwhelming at times so it’s important to ensure you have a realistic goal in your sights. For example: if you’re planning to increase conversations with the right-fit and targeted accounts, ask yourself and the sales team: What numbers do you need to see in the first month to indicate satisfactory growth? Create as many S.M.A.R.T. goals as you need and plan to measure them as you move through this process. The outcomes from these goals can be referred to as key performance indicators (KPIs) and will be referred to later down the line to ensure that your business is on the right track.

  • Study your tools

Familiarize yourself with the tools available. View instructional guides available through your MarTech provider to follow along and build your skillset and understanding of the materials. Network with other business owners who use this tool and find what aspects they benefited from most and see if they are suitable for your business as well.

2. Prepare your resources

With the knowledge you’ve gained, it’s time to make sure that you and your team members have all the necessary information to work with your marketing technology.

  • Train your team

Now that you know how to use your tools successfully, that experience must translate to your team of workers as well. The more familiar your workers are with your MarTech, the smoother and more streamlined your data collection and campaign creation will be.

  • Organize your tech stacks

Tech stacks are an important factor in creating quality campaigns, but only when they are used correctly. Be sure that you are set up to measure data that is relevant to your goal from step 1 and beneficial to your business.

3. Measure your metrics

It’s time to watch the data roll in but the job isn’t quite over yet. Now that you have the data, you want to note it and make changes as necessary. Marketing is always evolving so it’s important to stay up to date with your data collection.

  • Are they meaningful?

Now that you are a little more familiar with the tools at your disposal and have experience with measuring your results, are there ways you could focus your data collection? What information that you have collected is the most helpful? Could more resources be focused on that?

  • Check KPIs

Your key performance indicators were set up in step one and it is now time to return to them. What are your levels? Even if all your KPIs are showing positive data, be sure to adjust where needed so that you are always focusing on the most enlightening data.

4. Use the data you collected to improve your marketing

You’re now sitting on a wealth of information from customers and clients. You know what they’re most curious about, what they might have issues with, what they’re eager to buy and more!

  • Create a campaign

Based on the information you have received, you should be able to formulate a plan that will draw in potential customers and transform leads into sales. Think of the buyer’s journey from our earlier blog. Which step are you seeing the most friction in? Base your action plan around creating a better process for that step.

  • Make changes

Your first attempt may not always be one and done. It will take some practice and experimentation to create the perfect flow for your online marketing needs. The most important thing to do is to continue implementing changes. Maybe you’re seeing some drop-off from prospects before they become customers. Find out what those prospects are searching for and implement it in your business model if it’s relevant. If it isn’t, you may need to edit your marketing strategy so that you aren’t accidentally drawing in prospects that don’t suit your business.

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