10 Winning Tactics to Build Your Email List


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  1. Think: Call to Action Always!In your personal email you can create a link to your Newsletter Sign-Up Forms,this is an excellent way to encourage readers to subscribe to your list. Provide great content if you want your readers to stay subscribed and wanting to forward your emails to their network of colleagues, friends and family. (Diazepam) Relevant, Engaging content is the way to grow!

Email list

  1. Offline List Building– Trade shows can help you build your list fairly quickly too. Follow these simple, yet effective techniques to get started.
    • Offer valuable information to your visitors; it can be aPDF, Whitepaper or EBook-an offer which requires visitors to provide their email address in order to download it.
    • Create a free, online tool, or resource, and have users get access to the same once they sign up with their email address.
    • Promote a contest: A free giveaway, and have entrants sign up or submit using their email address. Remember to promote your contest on social media as well; another way to garner more email addresses.
  2. Offline List Building – QR codes to generate a mailing listAdd a QR code to your print marketing material, or business card, visitors or recipients of your material can scan to be added to your mailing list. QR codes are an exciting and new way of gathering information.
  3. Use Surveys at the event to build your list.Survey’s and a follow up draw is always a hit at Tradeshows. Once you have the email list follow-up and engaging your list with targeted newsletters and content is a way to get them coming back to you for more.
  4. Twitter – Tweet about itPromote one of your lead generation offers or Trade Show on Twitter; Create a Twitter campaign to promote, entrance tickets, an eBook or a free resource to your followers that requires an email address to redeem.
  5. Ask for Referrals and Have others spread the wordEncourage your current email subscribers to share and forward your emails by including social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button in your marketing emails. You will gain access to new networks, friends, and colleagues who might sign up for your list. At the bottom of your emails, include a “Subscribe To” button call to action (CTA) as a simple text based link, those receiving the forwarded emails can easily subscribe.
  6. Using Facebook and LinkedInUse your Facebook Page to promote an offer that requires an email address submission. Promote your offer on your Timeline, and add social sharing buttons to the landing pages. Add a call-to-action button to the top of your Facebook Business Page, linking the CTA button to a landing page that requires an email address for access.Publish links to “Gated” offers on your LinkedIn Company Page or in appropriate LinkedIn group discussions.
  7. Use Speaking engagements to build your listSpeaking engagements add credibility and if you are in a space where you speak to candidates, Promote offers, eBook, Whitepapers; a give away to get an optin /email address.
  8. Create multiple email subscriptions through your websiteBy adding various email subscription offers your website, you can separate and use to send more targeted content to specific segments of your market. Email recipients are more likely to respond to emails that have been targeted at them, by creating multiple, targeted subscription types, you can increase the chance that visitors will subscribe to one of them.
  9. Link to offers that capture email signups throughout your website.Include CTA on just about every page of your website. Consider your homepage, the main page of your blog, your ‘About Us’ page, and your ‘Contact Us’ page.

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