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Acquisition. Retention. Monetization

Acquisition – Brand Awareness and Revenue Generation

Most startup technology companies invest and focus on continuous product development and may sometimes move away from a focused cash flow strategy. Instead in the first few months following start-up, your company must have a goal to capture as much revenue as possible and be “Cash-Rich”. To do this, you need to focus on critical marketing foundations, including:
  • Creating value proposition and messaging
  • Defining your Avatar or
  • Buyer persona
  • Understand your buyer journey and
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Clean, Modern, simple website and conversion path
  • Demand generation strategy and campaigns

“Rich, unique content is the only thing that is Google update-proof. Google’s algorithm updates are built to retain useful content that the user will find relevant. At Measure Marketing our strategies involve understanding what your customer wants and delivering that through timely content. After all, what Google wants is an epic experience for its customers and that’s exactly what we want for ours.”

Retention Phase – Contextual Marketing and Brand Advocacy

Once your company reaches a break-even point and is visible enough and becomes known within its industry, it must capture market share and build for future investments and growth. During this growth phase, progressive companies must focus on customer satisfaction and retention while continuing to acquire new customers. You can achieve this by empowering your users, educating them. Some key tactics include:
  • Content marketing to increase brand awareness and capture a larger market share
  • Marketing automation to improve conversion rates and reduce the sales cycle
  • Customer and independent reviews to drive conversions and increased referrals
  • Industry thought leadership & brand advocacy to establish credibility among a wider audience

Monetize Customers – Sustained Growth and Market Leadership

Sustaining growth, building new products or pursuing acquisition by a larger company become primary goals when you have achieved the first 2 goals. To do this, you need to follow a plan that scales revenue growth with performance and brand reputation. Successful software and technology companies develop:
  • Sales and Marketing teams that collaborate and are aligned with common goals and objectives
  • Invest in dominating search engines and content syndication networks through influencer marketing
  • Superior brand reputation across social networks and industry forums
  • Proven growth in marketing KPIs and other performance metrics

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