Persona Development

Developing buyer persona based on research, analysis, buyers behaviors and overall buyer journey

A lot has been spoken about Target audience and know your customers as a fundamental of business and marketing plans. However, knowing your dream customer requires a step-by-step approach. These dream potential customers are also called ‘Persona’s”.
So what exactly are buyer personas and Avatar’s?

Once you know your buyers, their job function, their desires and aspirations, their priorities, their demeanor, communication style and even emotions that drive the decisions they make, you will be successful as a marketer and content producer, and even a better CEO.

You may be thinking WHY do you really need to know your consumer and their intent?
Well… Google has answered this here –Why Consumer Intent Is More Powerful Than Demographics

We follow a systematic approach in understanding your buyer personas and mapping their journey.

Journey mapping is important, as that’s an important step in understanding your customers – their feelings, needs, concerns and motivations.

The first step our marketing strategists take in the process is to understand, your products and services and your current customers.

  • During the process they interview you, your marketing lead and sales staff through strategic questions and dig deeper in understanding what you currently service, how your product/service solve your buyers problems.
  • Next we interview your customers to understand why did they buy from you?

We either do this over the phone or in-person. These interviews can last anywhere from 30 minutes to couple of hours. Based on the responses we come back to you with more insights and buyer personas.

This report works as framework to develop and fuel your marketing with synchronized marketing messages, content calendar and more.

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