Why SEO Matters for the Financial Services Industry

SEO Services for Financial Advisors, Accountants, and Tax Firms will move your business into a lucrative, visible position in your respective market by optimizing your search engine presence. To be successful in these types of industries, two things are required: high visibility and a strong reputation. SEO services will provide these two elements, which will drive traffic to your website, increase your brand’s awareness and reputation, and so much more.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) matters for several reasons:

  • Increased visibility: Consumers turn to search engines to find financial products and services. SEO can help financial institutions improve their visibility on search engine results pages.
  • Credibility: Consumers often perceive companies that appear at the top of search engine results as trustworthy.
  • Competitive advantage: If a financial institution is not investing in SEO, it may be losing potential customers to competitors.
  • Targeted marketing: SEO can help financial institutions target specific demographics. By optimizing their website for specific keywords, they can attract their target audience looking for their services.

Our team at Measure Marketing, which is composed of SEO, content writing, digital strategy, and much more, are equipped to assist your business in acquiring these two essential elements.

Why Use Digital Marketing for Financial Services?

While referral marketing, or word-of-mouth, is still the strongest way to market your financial services business, individuals are now also looking to online search results to find recommended businesses near them. When they find a business that catches their eye, people almost always look up the business/brand to research its values, perspective on business, and customer testimonials or reviews. If this initial search doesn’t impress them, they will look elsewhere.

Another way of being discovered online is through searching relevant keywords, such as accounting firm or tax services. Keywords provide an excellent secondary chance of being discovered by a search engine. However, it is then imperative for your website to include content that has keywords integrated into it to make your business easily discoverable.

To benefit from both search methods, it is critical for your business to have a strong online presence that caters its content to optimize search engine results. Creating a brand is the first essential step for a financial services business, which is made that much easier by planning and executing a digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing agency, like Measure Marketing, is the perfect business partner when it comes to deriving a marketing strategy for your business. Not only are we experts in SEO, Google My Business, and other digital tools, but we are also committed to building up your brand based on your goals and objectives.

Benefits of SEO for Finance

The following are services that are offered to the financial services industry, as well as the benefits associated with them:

Keyword Research

Our SEO team are experts at discovering the keywords that are relevant to your business, industry, and brand that will be eye-catching for searchers and popular for search engines.

Link Building

Developing high-quality backlinks is the perfect way to legitimize your business’s website and rank more productively in search engine results.

Technical SEO

On-Page Optimization: This refers to anything that can improve your ranking in search engine results. While many companies believe including more of the same, relevant keywords is the way, we know that it means helping search engines understand and digest the information you are presenting.

Off-Page SEO

From guest posting to link-building to social media marketing, off-page SEO is any marketing strategy that does not relate to effort put into your business’s website. Taking advantage of the many additional ways to positively contribute to your business’s online success is critical.

Content Writing

Content writers ensure to create compelling content that is well-researched, up-to-date, and reflective of your business’s values and mission.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitor’s success with digital marketing is excellent to learn from their mistakes and gain from their successes.

SEO Strategy for Finance Companies

Using strong keywords is not enough for SEO; luckily, we understand the strategies and tools needed to strengthen your digital footprint and drive traffic to your business’s website.

SEO for Tax & Accounting Firms

Creating a strong digital platform is the preferred way for a tax or accounting firm to stand out amongst its competitors, so optimizing your business’s platforms to be ranked highly is important. 

Why Choose Us for Finance SEO?

As an expert financial industry SEO team, we want to help your business gain a competitive edge over competitors by ensuring the best Google search results possible. We have a strong foundation of resources and years of industry experience that we use to build a digital marketing strategy catered to your business.
Our goal is to help you generate productive leads and drive more traffic to your website. The success of your business is our main priority, so we win when you win.

Contact Measure Marketing today to discuss SEO for your financial services business.

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