The digital world is constantly changing. Trends come and go, rules for SEO change, and websites, ads, and social media pages need to be kept up to date. Both time and expertise are required to ensure that the digital marketing for your Edmonton business succeeds.

Support your Edmonton business with the digital marketing strategies of Measure Marketing. Our team is well-versed in modern digital marketing strategies that have proven to increase website traffic, promote lead conversion, and grow sales. Consult with our experts to find out how we can tailor our process to your business and promote your growth.

Edmonton Digital Marketing Services

It’s important to give your business the boost it needs in by partnering with a marketing agency in Edmonton. At Measure Marketing, our process for digital marketing is made up of several important features and factors that include:

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

You want to appear at the top of the search results when potential customers are searching for products or services in your marketplace. You can accomplish this through SEO strategies from Measure Marketing. Our team of SEO experts creates customized optimization strategies for businesses that are proven to increase high-quality leads in Edmonton.

Web Design and Development

Web design is an important factor in your business’s success. Having a quality website with engaging designs, good loading times, and effective CTAs leads to prospects spending more time on your site, increasing SEO and potential sales numbers. Our web design and development teams create beautiful and intuitive sites that positively showcase your business and brand while delighting your customers and clients.

Pay Per Click – PPC

Combining paid advertising with organic search results is key in building your brand awareness and increasing brand exposure. Measure Marketing’s PPC team utilizes Google paid ads with effective targeting.

Content Writing

Compelling, quality content is necessary for getting attention to your site. Content has gone through many shifts since the COVID pandemic, and it takes a knowledgeable content team to stay up to date with the best policies and practices for creating content for websites, social media, and email campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing lead traffic is only part of the strategy. Our team focuses on ensuring that businesses receive high-quality leads that convert through innovative site management and effective lead targeting.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on building brand awareness and creating an ecosystem around your business that prospects want to be a part of. Partner with us to enhance and showcase the brand you’ve built to prospective customers or allow us to help you with building, tweaking  and perfecting your brand.

Video & Animation

Video content is a huge asset for any business. While written content is still important for SEO and some prospects, many people prefer to receive their information through video. Our video and animation specialists are prepared to create unique, branded, and engaging videos to promote your Edmonton business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At Measure Marketing, our team is experienced in creating and strategizing tactics to attract, engage, and delight customers for your business.


Every piece of your digital marketing strategy will be based on hard data and analytics. Our team leverages this information to locate and address pain points within your digital marketing.

Cross-Channel Collaboration

Supercharge your digital marketing across all channels and platforms like your website, social media, paid ads, and email campaigns. Our teams work together to create cohesive branding and messaging at all points of contact.

Strategy & Execution

It’s one thing to strategize your digital marketing and another to implement it. Proper marketing takes time, knowledge, and tools to effectively execute your tactics and raise your business to its fullest potential. Measure Marketing’s teams work and communicate together effectively to ensure your business gets full support and benefits from our collective marketing knowledge.

An Edmonton Digital Marketing Company That Gets Results

If you’re looking for digital marketing agencies in Edmonton, Measure Marketing has got your back! Our team consists of a diverse group of experts in SEO, web design/development, social media management, account management, content creation, and more! We have what it takes to draw customers to your business and delight them enough to stay long-term. Partner with our Edmonton marketing agency today: let’s talk.

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