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Design & Development Questionnaire

Social Media Platforms:
Your domain is your website’s name. For example, our domain is Please share the following with us:
Would you like Measure Marketing Results to purchase your domain(s)?
Would you like Measure Marketing Results to host your website?
Would you like Measure Marketing Results to manage your email server?
Please indicate any additional hosting requirements, such as:
Provide us the login details of the following: (if available)
Does your company have a logo?
If yes, can you upload the logo in given formats? (AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, JPEG, PNG)
If no, would you like us to design a logo for you?
In case we design the logo for you, would it be used for purposes other than the website (print material, T-shirts, banners, posters, etc.)?
Which template do you like the most?
Please list addresses for websites you like and list the reasons why
Please list addresses for websites you dislike and list the reasons why
Please list addresses for websites of your direct competition
What would you like your site’s main colors to be? Would you want your site light or dark? If you do not have company colors, you do not have to be very specific. Also, note that colors appear differently on computer screens than in print. They can also vary from screen to screen depending on their quality, size, and settings.
Inner Page Layout Preference
Select a suggested choice for your inner pages. This tells us how to make designs that you love but still convert.
We covered the most common website features in this form. However, if you require any other functionality for your website, please describe it in detail here. Please provide as much information, data samples, existing website examples etc. as you can.
Please provide the list of forms you would like to have in your Website:
Some forms require additional logic to manage them. Do you want to add any HubSpot, Zoho, or other integrations in your forms? If yes, please specify
For a website to be successful, it is important to clearly identify the target market segment. Sometimes a web project might require adhering to specific accessibility and security guidelines and laws. While we will create your website in a way that is usable by large majority of people using relatively modern technologies and tools, there could be a need for additional accessibility and security considerations. If this is the case, please provide the details below.
At this time the most relevant search engine and industry-standard setter is Google. This is why your website will be optimized according to current Google guidelines. Please list below up to five key phrases/keywords for which you think your website will be relevant. In other words, which words or phrases should a person type in a search engine to find your website?
What do you expect this website will do for your business?
How do you intend to market / drive traffic to your website?
What region(s) do you serve (e.g. Toronto, Ontario, Mississauga…) Canada wide or North America Wide?