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It’s time to increase your brand recognition and engagement by building your audience and attracting leads with a quality demand generation strategy! Build awareness and encourage the demand for your products and services with integrated marketing tactics formulated to get the leads your business needs.

What is demand generation marketing?

It’s a specific strategy that involves producing compelling and relevant content to capture the attention of your target market. The goal is to increase interest in and grow the audience of your products and services with a focus on long-term engagement.

This process has proven to be successful for both B2B and B2C companies, though B2B demand generation often involves more involved content creation as you are often attempting to appeal to the interests of a board, rather than an individual. Demand generation for B2B companies can be found at Measure Marketing. Reach out to learn more.

Increase Qualified Leads and Relevant Opportunities

Demand generation is an ongoing process with several focus points and KPIs. We’ve broken down the process below but keep in mind that this strategy works when the teams and processes are connected.

Generating Leads

Lead generation is a valuable cornerstone of marketing success and a quality KPI to show you are succeeding. Demand generation encourages leads through inbound marketing processes designed to bring the customer to you based on an informed interest in your products or services. The content created through the demand generation process must be relevant to your audience or you could end up with irrelevant leads (people outside of your target market). It isn’t enough to generate leads, you need to generate quality leads.  

Capturing Demand

If you are in a competitive market, chances are, there already exists a demand for your products or services. This means your goal will be to capture the attention and demand of those currently in the market. Using tools like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or strategies like optimizing your SEO will be ideal for promoting your brand in the market.

Pipeline Acceleration

There are a few different strategies to be considered for accelerating your sales pipeline through demand generation. Throughout the process, you’ll be pulling qualified leads and gathering the information they share with you. This information could be interest in specific items or services you offer, pain points they are experiencing, or other useful tidbits. You can leverage these to target specific advertisements or even create content specifically about this information to help an important lead continue through your pipeline. Another acceleration method would be to engage with the potential customer. Have a conversation with them and showcase your expertise. 

Content Creation

Compelling content is the key when it comes to demand generation marketing. Potential customers are currently flooded with irrelevant and poor content, and you will need serious quality to capture their attention. With so much competition, you may assume that it’s harder than ever to stand out, however, because so much of the content in the digital world is unengaging, high-quality content has a better chance of getting traction. Taking an omnichannel approach and ensuring your content quality remains intact between all platforms, you can increase your demand generation and build up the size of your active audience.

Generating Demand and Sales for B2B Companies

The purpose of employing demand generation is, ultimately, to make sales.  However, The process doesn’t end with the sales cycle. This strategy is at its best when implemented alongside other processes that help to encourage customer delight and retention. With demand generation, yes, you can increase your sales and widen your audience. But implementing strategies for customer retention with the assistance of a B2B demand generation agency like Measure Marketing can help your business to grow and keep your customer base. If you’re interested in promoting the growth of your company, our experts want to hear from you. Let’s talk.

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