Want to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level? A great campaign can help get your business out there. However, having the right data to support your campaign can make a significant difference.

This is where web analytics comes in.

Our team at Measure Marketing has the right tools and programs to get you the information you need for success! Let us create data-driven solutions for your business and increase your win rate today.

Understanding web analytics

Data isn’t just about getting the numbers. It’s about knowing what those numbers mean for your business.

With website analytics, website data is used to create a strategy for improving the visitor’s experience. Data is collected, processed, reported, and analyzed in order to observe the online behaviour of each visitor.

Measure Marketing’s expert analytics team helps provide data so companies can better understand their customers’ wants and needs. This allows for more accurate business decisions, which, in turn, builds a brand that can withstand any competition in the market.

Is Analytics Tracking Necessary for Your Business?

Unlocking the potential of website analytics can be crucial to your success. Gaining powerful insights from data can allow businesses to:

Identify which parts of their website and digital marketing campaign are performing well

Make informed decisions on the best ways to optimize their website for better customer engagement

Different tools can help with this, but Google Analytics is the most popular choice. It is an invaluable tool for website analytics and conversion optimization. It offers organizations data-driven insight into user behaviour. This allows them to continue refining strategies over time.

Tracking analytics can pinpoint specific areas that are performing or need improvement. For instance, social media analytics determines which posts are getting engagement. Not only that, but it also gives you data on who was engaging with which posts. You can get information on where these users are from, how long they engaged with your posts, and more.

Is Analytics Tracking Necessary for Your Business?

One of the end goals of any marketing strategy is conversions. Apart from bringing in more business, it is a clear measurement of how effective your strategies are. Data analytics is one tool that can help with increasing your website conversion rate.

Here are some methods you can use to optimize
conversion rates using analytics:

This lets you keep tabs on how users interact with an app or website. The process involves:

· Collecting data on a user’s activities and preferences

· Frequency of their visits

· Which links users click on

· What time of the day users are active on the site

By knowing these metrics, you’ll be able to better understand user trends. In turn, you’ll be able to find more opportunities for improvement in the user experience.

Also known as split testing, this compares two or more versions of a website or app to see which performs better. They are shown to different users at the same time in order to observe the users’ behavior. When conducting website optimization, this shows which versions will bring in better results.

Landing pages are essential for getting more leads and increasing sales. Analytics help determine if your existing landing pages are performing how you want them to. Tracking their performance lets you find the best ways to optimize your landing pages.

You can better target users through website optimization services to increase your win rate!

What Measure Marketing
can do for you

Data analytics programs, like Google Analytics, are free to use. However, properly using these tools requires the skills and knowledge of experienced digital marketing professionals. 

Measure Marketing is a Google Partner, certified in Google Analytics. Our team knows how to maximize the program’s features to perform online marketing analytics for your business. We provide Google Analytics services that include:

Installation and Configuration


Support and Troubleshooting

Data Analysis

Measure Marketing doesn’t stop at analyzing your data. We provide valuable resolutions based on the insights that we get. This includes conversion rate optimization services, social media and email marketing campaigns, and more.

Conversion web analytics
that work

Do you know how well your online marketing strategies are working for you? Get a clearer picture of the strengths and opportunities of your marketing techniques. Let Measure Marketing help through conversion measurement with analytics.

We’ll walk you through using data to assess consumer behavior and preferences. Moreover, we’ll use this information to come up with unique strategies for conversion optimization. Our team of experts can provide guidance and support along the way!

We’ve got the resources necessary to take your conversion rate to the next level. Let us help you revolutionize your marketing strategy! Contact us today and get a free consultation. 

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